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It May Be Cold In Brisbane, But Please Don't Set Fire To My Straw Poll!

We had our coldest morning for over a century in Brisbane this week!! eeeeek! It was 2.6 degrees in the City but felt colder out here by the Bay even though it got into the low 20’s for the rest of the day. 512 more words


What's In A Name???

What’s In A Name??? Well, if you’ve had kids or into animals as I am…EVERYTHING is in a name. Hey, for the most part we all love our names and they are very important to all of us…SO, why shouldn’t a blog name be just as important? 323 more words

"The Ink Between The Sheets!"

Setting Up an Effective Blog

I am a novice blogger with common sense. Meaning I’m less dangerous than a pit viper, but more dangerous than a kitten.

So, take this information for what it’s worth—most likely free. 813 more words

Patti's Pathways