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Ascension Graveyard: Chapter 9

Chapter 9

~The Journal of Etta Castle Teague
I hate alcohol. All types of it; rubbing alcohol, the kind in medicine, the kind that comes in little aluminum cans…As a result I don’t like people who drink. 2,821 more words


Chapter 8: Ascension Graveyard

Chapter 8
The Journal of Etta Castle Teague
~Moments are like pebbles. They are small and most of them seem so insignificant. But if you take a pebble and slip it in your shoe, you limp and if you limp long enough you grow numb to the pain and just keep pressing forward like nothing was ever the matter. 3,563 more words


Punk Faction Online Serial Part 29 (final part)

7 Life Moves On

Mike Thornton and Twiglet both frowned when Trog walked up to their table in The White Swan. He put down a tray containing two pints of bitter and a pint of lager, then sat down between Colin and Brian. 1,662 more words


Chapter 7: Ascension Graveyard

Chapter 7
The Journal of Etta Castle Teague
~ It has not always been this way. Good or bad, it will always be this way…unless someone makes ripples in the sequence, stops the Ascension. 2,210 more words

Creative Writing

Chapter 6: Ascension Graveyard

Chapter 6

~The Journal of Etta Castle Teague
Baldwin and I were just kids back then, playing with fire right in front of a natural gas line. 2,221 more words


Chapter 5: Ascension Graveyard

Chapter 5
~The Journal of Etta Castle Teague
If I have not learned anything over the years, I have learned that sometimes the flame doesn’t always kill the moth, even though it draws it in with unrelenting pull. 2,596 more words


Chapter 4: Ascension Graveyard

Chapter 4

Journal of Etta Castle Teague~
The first few months of living with my grandfather were the hardest. The years after that didn’t get much better. 2,722 more words