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Random Acts of Kindness in Printed Media

‘Video killed the radio star’…and unfortunately, I believe it has also robed the primary influence print media has on covering stories from my personal news beat of paying it forward and… 340 more words

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Let me write something for you

It has been a while since I’ve done this. I thought I’d ask my small (yet perfectly formed) audience what they would like me to write about. 260 more words

Not Sport

Media & Random Acts of Kindness (Blog 4)

Lately, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the variety of random acts of kindness being covered in the media. In our every increasing ‘I-culture’, there seems to be more coverage about selfish acts rather than selfless coverage of people lending a helping hand. 287 more words

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You can be an American hero!


Are you an American hero?

I’m just a regular gal, an American civilian, so hearing the word ‘hero’ immediately brings to mind my deepest gratitude for our service men and woman who richly deserve that title as our country’s heroes. 405 more words

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My happy little pill, take me away

Close my eyes, bring color to my skies my sweet little pill…

Troye Sivan // Happy Little Pill

Okay so today is the “I’m ___ Because…” post. 459 more words


Kids Hope Mentoring

Do you know someone who mentors kids? Maybe a friend or an acquaintance who gives of their time without recognition? We’d love to hear their stories! 358 more words

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From Russia with Love..

Twenty years ago I was privileged to be on a construction team in Poland which built my confidence to volunteer years later in Russia. Gus Khrustalnyy is 150 miles east of Moscow and the weeks our team spent there changed my perspective on life in America forever. 579 more words

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