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On the other side - Stream of Consciousness Saturday (start with a preposition)

On the other side of the door, they found…nothing. A small, clean living room greeted them as they crossed the threshold, guns held ready before them. 348 more words


Do Not Try This at Home!

Let me retrace the steps here to the 30 hours which led me to fall on my bed and play dead like a possum and wake up after 12 hours. 414 more words

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Reflections as a French Studies Major: Introduction

At this point in my life, I have a number of different things on the go: my part-time job, tutoring, teaching (online & in-class), and school. 202 more words

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Insulting Math People

Sometime last year while I was mowing the lawn I decided I wanted to write something along the lines of a mini essay (I don’t know what qualifies as a whole essay, but what I wrote was about one page). 639 more words

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oh hi there!

Hi there, I’m James!  Welcome to the Greedy Foody a blog about, you guessed it food, in all forms, shapes and sizes.
I geniunely believe that the kitchen is at the heart of every home. 58 more words


The Nothing Days

I have this really nice shower gel that I use only for special occasions. Then again the most ‘special occasions’ I get is going out with friends. 323 more words

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My 4 Most Used (Physical) Tools

In most cases, the art and design work I do begins with something that’s been physically drawn with a pen onto paper (this is where I get to brag that my stuff is hand-made, and also where I get to have a lot of fun because making stuff by hand is really enjoyable to me).  1,272 more words

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