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Is #Nanowrimo good or bad?

With November first looming there’s been a lot of talk about National Novel Writing Month in the twitterspheare. (As there is every year.)

Is Nano good, is it bad? 582 more words

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Not About My Aches and Lame

People who complain about their aches and pains are tiresome. However, today is Lame Post Friday and I can do whatever I want.

I suppose that is not exactly true. 360 more words


Have You Ever Just Had One of Those Days?

I think I’m having one today!

My office hours at times run over into what are supposed to be “Personal Hours,” ah, the dedication! At times this is what it takes to pamper myself and my business, which is the reason for the ultra-recent facelift. 169 more words


Sayin' Hi

Hello! My name is Dylan Nelson and I am the author and reader of Psycho City, my podcast about the strange and fictional town of Nova where some crazy shit is happening. 366 more words


The Cool Rise of a Friday

Serving as an extension of sorts of yesterday’s post about “being cool,” today’s blog post will add a countdown. Why? Because once the warm sun beams hit our faces on a Friday morning, an internal countdown instinctively starts for when the weekend can ultimately begin for us…usually to the second. 18 more words

Ebola and ISIS: Commence Freak Out in 3...2...1

So let’s be real here. Life right now is scary. Terrifying, even. I don’t need to recount everything that’s going on right now—assuming you’re not living under a rock—you already know about Ebola, ISIS, and the general stench of evil that resides in our world. 561 more words

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The taste of experience and a pint of guinness

The inspiration to write a blog post comes from different sources, directions and usually flows with specific rhythm, I prefer to call it a melody. 829 more words

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