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Release Day!

I’m so happy to announce that today is the release day for not one, but two of my books!

Welcome to Loveless, Texas, a small town in the Hill Country. 239 more words

4 Reasons Not to Stop Flights From West Africa

While boarding an international flight, I’ve often eyed others wondering what type of infectious diseases they carried that could be passed on to me in the space of an 8-hour flight complete with recycled air. Paranoid? Read more


San Antonio Spurs Vs Sacramento Kings preseason highlights.

The San Antonio Spurs pulled out a win yesterday against the Sacramento Kings after they fell behind early in the first half the Spurs made a run late in the 4th quarter and walk away with a victory, the final from the AT&T Center Spurs 106 Kings 99.

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JW Broadcasting

Now there is always something good to watch on TV.

Online TV for your computer, smartphone or tablet.

JW Broadcasting

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cPRIME Technology

What is cPRIME technology and how does it work?

cPRIME utilizes a patent-pending, revolutionary technology that consists of a proprietary, light-derived aluminum substrate chip. This chip can be embedded within various delivery systems (e.g. 98 more words

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