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Things fall apart... loosing my husband

I haven’t posted in a while… mainly because this is a hard post to write.

March 5th I got a call that no one wants to receive… A hospital in the neighboring city had my husband and according the doctor he was critical and I needed to come right away, she wouldn’t give me any other information. 744 more words

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Spiritual Combat by Lorenzo Scupoli & Spiritual Combat Revisited by Fr. Jonathan Robinson

Fr. Lorenzo Scupoli writes a direct and personal “do-it-yourself” book that allows the reader to put these truths into practice on a daily basis. Fr. Jonathan Robinson  2,982 more words


Santa is 500% done from the looks of it...

…and it’s not even Christmas yet. A couple of days ago, me and my friend were walking to my old high school, and we see this. 18 more words

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Journeys End

Another year has passed and following a much more epic sounding name change the final installment of the Middle Earth saga is finally out. It was always going to be a challenge for any film maker to capture the full extent of The Battle of the Five Armies; A battle so epic in scale it makes the battle for Helms Deep look like a minor scuffle. 922 more words

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DIY Gift Wrap

With the Christmas countdown coming to an end, I’m sure many of you have already picked out perfect gifts for your loved ones. Those gifts aren’t going to wrap themselves so I am going to show you how to DIY your own one of a kind gift wrap this holiday season! 177 more words

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Call for Papers: 20th Annual Women's and Gender Studies Symposium

I’d like to amplify this call for papers from the University of Illinois’s Gender and Women’s Studies department.  This year’s symposium is welcoming both traditional academic papers and alternative presentations (performances pieces, readings of fiction or poetry, artist’s talks).  46 more words

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Oh Joy! The holidays are here!!

Happy holidays to all my friends and family, especially those currently celebrating Hanukkah and those (including myself) who are about to welcome the christmas season 2014.   485 more words

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