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The Importance Of Relaxation.

The title does a pretty good job of summing it up.

See now, we’re in a world where productivity is everything. Oh, you only wrote 1200 words day, what’s wrong with you!? 339 more words

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Creating Magical Ice Skating Experiences

Ice skating has become one of the most popular seasonal activities offered at mixed-use centers. Few, if any, actually stop to think about how these temporary rinks come to be and how they are designed. 420 more words

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Covering Ferguson in Washington

As soon as we heard that the grand jury’s decision would be released yesterday, I knew this would be a story that I had to cover from the Washington angle. 258 more words


Gallup Fall

After yesterday’s post, I tried to find “academia” in Gallup’s much-respected poll about trust in public institutions:

It’s not there. Though… perhaps they included “academia” in “small business”?

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Trailer Talk: Jurassic World

Our relationship with new iterations and evolutions of our premier pop cultural staples of childhood can face upward battles of acceptance. There is an inevitable increase of cynicism laced with an “it’s never going to be as good as the original” negativity, but we often forget that it was our wide-eyed wonderment and open-hearted imagination that allowed the youthful connection to be made in the first place. 451 more words

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