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Linsanity 2.0?

Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers announced the end of Steve Nash’s season.

BREAKING: Steve Nash has been ruled out for 2014-15 season due to recurring back injury.

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That Overwhelming Feeling.

This week I have had two therapy sessions. Honestly, I would love to have twenty three therapy sessions a week. But lets be realistic…Anyways, this week my therapist and I tackled something new. 570 more words

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Draft Audio Story

Here is my first draft of my audio story. It took me a while to think up a topic for my audio story to be. After thinking for a while, I knew that I needed my sister to be involved in it in some way. 268 more words

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Collective Calm, Terrible Truths

Saturday October 18th
Wandering towards Cape Coast Slave Castle there seemed to be a collective calm in the air, as if the ocean breeze put everyone in it’s reach in a state of blissful relaxation. 175 more words

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D'eBook's Spotlight Author: Michelle Rabe

The best thing about social media is the new friends that can be made worldwide :D
Since opening my FaceBook account, I have met some lovely people. 317 more words

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DontDoDrugs.net : Coming Soon

In the next three days, 94 posts will be coming to mygirlfriendisoutoftown.com, wordpress.mygirlfriendisoutoftown.com, and dontdodrugs.net.

I picked dontdodrugs.net because dodrugs.com was taken. Is taken. For now. 24 more words

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