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Referees – Thanks three hundred!

A couple of weeks ago, in-the-back-of-the.net got its 300,000th page view! That’s a milestone that demands celebration. How do we celebrate around here? If precedent is anything to go by, I celebrate by paying homage to some of the game’s least celebrated yet essential elements – referees! 431 more words


I know that they're there, but their stats say that they're not there.

I don’t believe it…and neither does this cat.

I know that I responded to comments left on my blog… days ago and yet, when I look today – they’re not there! 397 more words

Blogging World

Life without statistics.

Statistics is rather a staid subject to study till one discovers the utility of data and its patterns. Post this it begins to be a magical world and enables amazing insights into whatever activity you want to track and monitor.

663 more words
Random Thoughts

My Top Ten articles of all time

I know I made a similar post about a month ago, but here’s the updated version of my ten most popular articles over the entire time this blog has existed. 20 more words


This blog is growing. Yours can too.

Click graph to see more detail.

Now that I can finally crop parts of a screenshot, I can visually show my readers how this blog has done since I started it on September 10th. 1,280 more words


The mystery: solved

I came home today to find another huge increase in my view count, but couldn’t immediately figure out why. The last time this happened was when Sam Vaknin visited my blog and linked one of my earlier articles about him all over social media (Twitter and Facebook). 157 more words


The Best and Worst of November 2014

November went by in a blur for me, to be honest.  Between not having internet for half of it and not having water for the past day and a half currently, I’m really quite sick of rural life.  364 more words