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My first topic

Since no one helped me think of a topic, I have decided to write about by hobbies. I like hiking, and I had a couple of interesting hiking experiences. 115 more words

A Blog

Blogs and Posts and Liebster Award - Oh My!

I was nominated by peaceofsummer for the Liebster Award! So excite!!

The rules for the award are:

Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog. 312 more words


DEATHMATCH: Episode 0- The Introduction

Since the dawn of time, the creative genius of mankind has crafted some of the most memorable stories of all time, chock-full to the brim of memorable characters that have stood the test of time, even as their creators have long since vanished off the face of the planet. 426 more words


A poll! A poll!

I wanna try this poll thing, because I’m curious.  I tend to use a lot of idioms in my posts, because on my blog I write like I talk. 113 more words

Daily Stuffs

I'm baacccckkkkkkkk!

It’s…been too long.  Officially too long.  I feel awfully for disappearing for so long without so much as a word.  And with the Harry Potter challenge… 1,901 more words



Hi, this is my second post, and I am not sure what I should write about. Can you guys help me think about what topic I should write about. 23 more words


A Budding Scholar You Should Know

Chris Tilling has taken on a PhD student. It’s about time! His name is Justin Hagerman and he maintains a blog called “Virtue in Paul’s Letters… 47 more words

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