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Make-over to my blog: Done... Ready to welcome the 500th follower

I’ve changed my blog theme and still trying to understand how it works. Right now count shows 499 followers and I am ready to welcome the 500th :) 46 more words



I made my shit pink on the blog. Like pink isn’t even my favorite colour anymore, it is black, but I don’t know I guess I like the way it looks and it won’t let me do black without paying so I will probably just end up changing the theme again later I don’t even know. 103 more words


Getting the Itch

…to change my theme. I really, really like my current theme (Reddle), but I’m in the mood for a change. That said, I might not want to break a good thing. 16 more words


New Year, New Blog!

I’ve been dying to change my blog theme for quite some time now; that whole purple mess just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. With the new year, I thought it would be nice to give my blog a makeover. 167 more words

Keepin' it Fresh

Well hello there, Reader! Notice anything?? Anything at all?? I’m not trying to flatter myself or anything but LOOK HOW PRETTY!! I am really excited that I finally bit the bullet and changed my blog theme. 178 more words

Real Life

New Year–New Look

Changing the look of Finding Family wasn’t really a part of my agenda for the new year. Unfortunately, as is the case with all technology, the theme used through WordPress which gives the blog its look has been ‘retired’ and though I could continue using it, as time goes on, issues may appear which won’t be rectified. 120 more words


A new coat of paint

Hello, regular readers! Since many of you may be reading my posts via WordPress reader or some other RSS feed, I just wanted to let you know I changed the theme on the blog. 102 more words