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Girl, Unmotivated

My stress and anxiety levels were really high and on overload these past two weeks. For what I thought was going to be a semester to just focus on finding and starting my internship, I found out that I had to take a class in addition to internship. 880 more words

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I'm Thinking, "This is Going to Hurt!": On 'How Not to Deal with Grief'

From my friend Betty Ann on her Facebook page:

“This article deeply moved me…as I suspect it will for any of you who have been impacted by the kind of grief associated with multiple loss, deaths due to overdose and or HIV/AIDS. 540 more words


Tears of a Clown

I’m not jumping on a Robin Williams band wagon, but hearing of his death made me feel very sad on a day when I’d also heard of the suicide of a boy in my son’s wider circle of friends at just 14, a lovely, friendly, happy lad who was concealing a deep sadness which he couldn’t express or share for whatever reason. 591 more words

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Hoping I Puke

I’m jealous. The travelers, the first-apartment-dwellers, the newlyweds, the successfully employed. I’m in a rut of cabin-fever with no car, overbearing parents, no job, and little motivation. 492 more words