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Change is Gonna Come

As part of my Blogging 101 assignment today, I decided to update my blog title and tagline. I made it more straightforward and tried to capture what my blog was all about. 360 more words

Blog Title

Why Dad's Pixels? The story of my blog's title

I love Dad’s Pixels. And by that I mean, the name I’ve chosen for this blog. For a year or so after I decided to test the waters in the exciting world of dad-blogging I had the hardest time choosing and then sticking with a name for my blog. 385 more words


From wanna to gonna...

My first blog post yesterday I want to be a writer… is what inspired my blog title: GonnaBeAWriter. Starting this blog gives me hope that I have moved a step in the right direction. 158 more words

I need a blog title

My creativity level is low today. I cannot think of a decent title for this blog. Though perhaps something will come to mind once I have more posts and some sort of theme develops. 15 more words


Mini Message

……Yes I know it says photography in the blog url….. and yes that was my first intention but things change….so sue me.

Change is something I have only recently come to realise is inevitable and i’m some what ok with that. 104 more words


PowerPoint as a Graphics Tool

You don’t have to be a PhotoShop wiz to make nice images for your blog or social media. There are some great free tools on the Internet for creating awesome graphics. 277 more words

Robin Pierman

The best title for a blog post ever

Taylor Swift hacked Google with her very first hit song. Smart girl that she is, she figured out that if she named her song after a major country music star, it would start to show up in searches relating to that genre. 315 more words