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It smells like...girl?

Upon first glance the name of my blog probably made you involuntarily cringe or appear really confused to everyone around you.

So let me explain. 320 more words

Blog Title


The second funny thing (see yesterday’s post for the first funny thing) about having a blog is choosing what the name will be. I decided to take a very practical approach to choosing a name, but now that I’ve written the process down it seems rather absurd. 292 more words


The Constant Urge to Change... Blog Titles

I am a very indecisive person, especially when it comes to naming something that does not need to stay permanent.

In the month or so that I have had this blog, I have gone from ‘Neena’ (a nickname a little girl used to call me because she couldn’t pronounce my name), to ‘So Says Sabrina’ (since it’s a blog on my life and experiences), to just just recently changing it to ‘Oh, What a Life.’ 169 more words

Obstinate Obedience?

I’m already gagging over the name I chose only moments ago. Obstinate Obedience. It feels pretentious. I hate pretentious things. I might be a pretentious thing. 211 more words


Blogging 101 - Title and Tagline

Hmmmm…….I happen to like the title of my blog. As I said in the Intro post yesterday…..it sums up my world quite well.

My tagline, which is the blurb that comes under the title – well…..it’s not clever like the examples they give. 89 more words

General Chaos

Never ending story

Hello again in Blogging 101 project…. Now it’s time to write more about this blog’s title and tag line.

Too much unrevealed journeys… It’s not by accident I give this special tag line to my blog. 153 more words


Bittersweet Sensations

It came off as a joke:

Knock! knock!
Who’s there?
Ruth who?

It’s not even funny. But I like it.

I’ve attached it to my name ever since.

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