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BLOGGING 101, Dia Dos: Me Llamo Es...


Yeah, this post’s title is written in SPANISH.

F*** off if you can’t read basic Español. :P

I’m kidding…of course! >.> *Sweatdrop*

This is a short one to point to the fact that yes, indeed, I have changed the title and tagline of my blog site. 1,340 more words

DAY 1: Meaning Behind My Blog Name

I once again find myself with a bit of a blogger’s block. I had hoped when I started this, my hundredth blog, that I would be able to keep it updated and not rotting with stale posts as it currently is. 305 more words


The Family Sloth.

I have updated my blog and it feels so good! New layout, new colors, new title, new pages, new organization, etc. I still have some tweaks to make here and there, but I am happy with my fresh looking blog. 774 more words

Just Because

MANDAUB. Man down?

My brother was amused by the lack of creativity involved in the blog title “university assignments blog”. He wanted to make sure it was really absolutely clear that I was doing this under duress, as it were, so suggested the inclusion of “mandatory”.  78 more words


Why the Smiling Sunshine Blog Title?

You may or may not be asking yourself why the title of my blog is Let Life Shine. What made me decide to use this attention getting, smiling sunshine lingo? 623 more words