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So I’ve discovered I’m really great at coming up with ideas, not so great at seeing them through. I’m the queen of unfinished business and half finished projects. 172 more words


The Alphabet Game

This may seem like early notice, but the blogging A to Z Challenge for 2015 is already in the planning stages here on NAPR.   The actual challenge takes place in April, but I am hoping this year to get ahead of the game. 354 more words

Challenge Accepted!

The Very Beginning

Hi, my name is Dakota Tiana Maxwell.

Honestly this blog is as much for me as it is for all of you. It is a place for me to figure out who I am, to find my voice, and to share my small piece of the universe with the rest of you. 129 more words


Have You Ordered Your iBill Currency Reader Yet?

The other day, I ordered my iBill reader from the BEP. It was a simple process. As a patron of the National Library Service (NLS) I am already ”authorized” to receive one. 565 more words

Blog Topics


The most difficult problem that James/Logan had to face was accidentally killing Rose. This killed Logan inside, since Rose has been by his side from day one, when they found out he had another side to him. 90 more words

Blog Topics


I picked this image for my graphic novel because this image symbolizes the events of fights James/Logan had to go through. At times he was a wolf, he would be hanging with the wolfs in the forest. 100 more words

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Hush, Rose…. Don’t concern yourself so. You’re getting wetter than these two scallywags.

I like this line because it shows foreshadowing. It talks to Rose about not concerning herself with the little boys, which I think hints on something bad is going to happen.

90 more words
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