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11 Ways of Getting More Traffic On Your Blog Posts

Some simple, free ways to start…………………………

Writers often share with me their frustration that their number of reads are not what they would like them to be. 796 more words


Our top 5 Posts Ever

I’ve never done one of these, but I’ve seen them around. Taylor Grace does them regularly; you can find her latest one here. Typically, it’s something I’d look at monthly or quarterly, but since this is the first one, let’s look at the top five… 541 more words


Author Blogs that Connect Only With Author Blogs

OK, you’re an author, or an aspiring author, and you have a blog about that. You want your blog to be read. What do you do? 328 more words


Bloggers: You've got to be a hooker to get ahead

You have a blog, and you’ve just written a great blog post. Or a not-so-bad blog post. Or a bad blog post with a cute kitten picture in it (that’s my technique). 356 more words


How to Generate Authentic Blog Traffic...

The same rules apply for Facebook users seeking likes or comments…or attention.

Via Grammarly :)


Blog Traffic and Engagement: Stats Edition

I’m always a little uncomfortable sharing numbers because it feels like discussing my income. Yet every time another blogger shares their numbers with me, I learn something, so I’m sharing numbers today. 1,506 more words