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The ownership of landscape, not just the physical world but the body, the mind and the thought.


A compulsion to name things, classify, contain and instruct. A compulsion developed of fear.


Impossibility is a manufactured barrier, created by one to maintain the static in ones efforts.  Don’t throw, don’t break.

A bullet with butterfly wings

“It doesn’t matter if you fall down; get the fuck back up.”
– James “Buddy” Neilsen.

This post originally came to life a few weeks ago under the title of… 840 more words


I'm back!

It has been an insanely long time since I last wrote anything, mainly because of the crazy amount of exam marking I did. It took over my life for about two months and I have been ‘recovering’ since then! 494 more words


The concerning push against the grain to be secure in ones opinion. All opinions are incorrect.