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Okay, So Maybe 200 Is Actually A Lot..

As I near closer and closer to 200 followers on this blog, I’m slowly realizing that it’s a pretty big deal. Granted it’s not 1,000. But it’s still three digits. 283 more words

All Of The Above

A Vacation from this Vaction

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while life has been pretty much the same here in beautiful Southern France. It is beginning to get a little colder here in Aix, but nothing a New Englander can’t handle. 152 more words


I'm Blogging my feelings.

I’ve said a lot of goodbyes this year, most recently to the city of Los Angeles. This goodbye was difficult because It’s a love hate relationship I have with LA. 164 more words


Our Little Big Secret

Dear Family and Friends,

We want to share a part of our lives we have kept relatively private for the last couple of years. Despite desperately wanting and trying to start a family, we have been unsuccessful. 465 more words


Is learning a language like war?

Is learning a language like war where anything and everything is valid to get your goals?

In fact, it’s probably more like a street fight a la ‘Bridget Jones’. 141 more words


10 Reasons Terrorists are Angry

1. They are forced to live in a cave with a bunch of men for extended periods of time and they are probably sleeping on the ground. 295 more words