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What She Pinnin'?

Welcome to the Easter edition of WSP?

1. Oh my gosh, this vintage bunny is everything. 2. Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter if there weren’t a… 72 more words



I made this out of boredom, I’m not really sure what it is for, I was just playing with my Pentax, new nail varnish, hair dye and lipstick.



The first thing that came to mind when I initially heard about blogging was talking to yourself. I thought blogging was another social media outlet but with more features and more characters than… 257 more words

Creating WordPress Blog

I am having fun blogging, even though I don’t really do or say much on these things, so I’ve decided to download and install wordpress and am currently working to set that up, so once I’m done there I will probably move to that one. 74 more words


Urban Legend Brewing Interview

Check out this short interview with Mike the assistant brewer at Urban Legend Brewing Company.  I will post the full six minute video on a page so you can get tips from a pro on how to become the best home brewer possible.


To Blog Or Not To Blog: Baseball Talk

This post today is more or less a poll from whatever readers we may have here and Yankee fans who may find this because of various tags. 171 more words


New Blog for the PR Girl

I tend to blog surf every day, occupying my free time with gaining insight from other girls who share similar goals and passions. As I searched for career blogs, I came across one that specifically caught my eye. 229 more words