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From years of study and my own personal journey I have come to the conclusion that it really all comes down to just three primary things: 613 more words


Escape Bench Work And Finally Get Paid More Than Your Undergraduate Friends

This blog posting on cheekyscientist.com outlines the 3 things PhDs can do to escape an academic dead end; these are: 1) understand the reality of jobs academia; 2) invest in business training / diversify your skill set; and 3) take initiative and actively pursue your options. 12 more words


Day 2 weigh in

Better weather today. Carl weighed 5 fish for 15lbs 14oz. Good comeback finishing in 58th position


Hello New Followers and Visitors!

Welcome aboard the middle finger train folks!  So, every now and again I take a peek at what you searched for that brought you to my little place on the web. 219 more words


Bookish Dilemma Forever.

Need to sleep as I’ve been as busy as a bee.

But need to read too.


Incessant Ramblings

Three Things I Want This July 2014!

It is officially August but I forgot my three things post for the month of July.  The summer is just going too fast!  So here it is, the three things I want for July 2014! 200 more words



This is my latest painting, I think it’s good but I need to look into and study about skin texturing because I am very much lacking in skins detail on people. 124 more words