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KireCom: The Grand Re-Opening

So I was searching through the boundless posts of WordPress when I realized that I never actually made a ‘New Blog’ post. So i decided, Why not make one now? 313 more words


Chicken and Potato Casserole

If there is one meal most appropriate and easy to make during the winter, it’s casseroles. I especially like them for those days when you’ve either had a late night or the times are hard, and you need to throw together a quick meal. 315 more words


Le ciel Dans une Chambre

After a successful S/S Collection Mademoiselle Epaulette launches a brand new and innovative line under the name “Le Ciel Dans Une Chambre”. The new Fall Winter Collection brings a skyline in a room as it unfolds like an alluring fairytale of a darker and more sensual femininity. 236 more words


My Ideal Wife

I received an interesting question.  

Question for Paul:  I am wondering what is your ideal woman to marry? Your ideal wife?

Well, as the saying goes, nobody is perfect, but the important thing is that you are perfect for each other. 1,303 more words


How to Create a Mindset that Empowers You

Most of the time, we choose our mindsets at a subconscious level (as a result of the habits and tendencies we’ve developed over time), unaware that we even have a choice in their creation. 537 more words


Its official...

I am quitting cigarettes.

I guess I’ll have to find something to replace that in the title of my blog….hmmmm

Any suggestions? Maybe colors?…I do not know. 6 more words

Sunday Is A Day for Rest and Casual Catfish Frying

Today has been a really busy morning!

Did you know that I have a guilty and powerful love for tuna? Like…canned tuna. Or tuna in those little pouches that you can buy at a nearby grocery store. 286 more words