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No Water? No Problem!

About two or three weeks ago, the scheduled water supply interruption in our city was all over the news. Unfortunately, they had it scheduled during the Holy Week for about three days. 473 more words


Snow monkeys and steaming hot baths.

It’s a bit surreal watching a troop of snow monkeys squabble over best position in their steaming hot bath, surrounded by snow-covered slopes. Like watching kids in a crowded swimming pool. 620 more words


Ten Phrases That Make You Sound Japanese

I. “Enryo shinaide” (Don’t be shy.)
II. “Mottainai” (What a waste./It’s too good.)
III. “Osakini” (Pardon me, but I’m leaving now.)
IV. “Sasuga” (I’m impressed by you, as usual.) 45 more words

Hamar Gergely Róbert

Where The Boys Are

In the recent issue of Flare Magazine, I found myself identifying with the words written by Alex Molotkow about her experience with dating men in Canada’s exciting, cultured, fast-paced city – Toronto – vs. 987 more words

Women Helping Women in Johannesburg's Townships

This post was originally published on Impatient Optimists.

I met Jabulile Tlhabane, 57, in a small woman-owned restaurant on a busy road in Alexandra Township located about 60 minutes outside Johannesburg depending on the time of day and traffic. 595 more words




I post so many things about Tumblr! If you wanna know ,ore about tips, tutorials, and DIYs, go follow us!!!! We will give you reviews of the MUST BUY THINGS!!! 39 more words


Sunshine Award - but, I'm breaking the rules. 10 things about myself

After hanging out with Darth Vader, I have decided to join the dark side…well, not really, but don’t tell him or he’ll get me at night. 403 more words