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Dear Readers,

A little while back I started doing these daily blog challenges. Now I just want to tell you that I’m aware I’m supposed to post daily even, even though I don’t. 131 more words


The Personal Challenge: Day 4

A sentimental possession and the story behind it

My wall of adventure:

It all started because I have a serious hoarder problem in terms of various paper trails from my travels. 143 more words


Disney Challenge Day 4

Your Favourite Prince

Uh-oh, this is a tough one. I’ve actually never thought about it. I feel like quite a few of them lack personality (i.e. 101 more words


Day 12

The long trip to my home town and back totally stomped the life out of me, and the only reason I’ve gotten out of bed since was to travel to the… 24 more words


Day 11

Birthday flowers!

My sweet granny is now 85 years young, and no important birthday is complete without the traditional family dinner. I haven’t been to my home town in ages. 168 more words

Blogger Challenges

Day 10

Went to the organic farm near by with my mum today. Found these two adorable little kittens just running around, having a good time. aaaaw!

Blogger Challenges

Day 9

Another (vacation) day, another beautiful family walk in the park :-)

Blogger Challenges