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{Blogger Tutorials} How to Edit your photos (No Photoshop Needed)

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I know I’ve been putting out alot of reviews and fashion posts, so here’s a post that I think would benefit you guys. 349 more words


My Thoughts On Being A Blogger

What I portray on this blog is pretty much what I am in real life – I’m real, candid, witty, and no-nonsense. In fact, some¬†might even call me tough love. 1,392 more words

Beautiful Buns

The Hard Truth About Blogger Breaks

Every blogger at one point or another has taken a break from their writing schedule.It’s necessary to take a break now and then to get inspired, reassess some goals, and to generally relax.Part of the reason this blog even exists is because I needed a break from my personal blog, and started this one to get re-inspired.Although taking a break is a healthy part of the content creating process, it’s a bit hushed over and not necessarily encouraged. 190 more words

Social Media Tips

WeezyWee.com Liebster Award Nomination

I recently got recognized with a nomination for the Liebster Award! This is an award for a small blog to help it get some screen time. 704 more words


Kindness Matters: 25 Small Ways to Pay It Forward

My daughter¬†and I were exchanging “war stories” a few days ago about some of the mean and nasty people we have encountered lately. At her coffee house, a customer comes in almost every day and is so derisive and impossible to please that other customers have apologized for him to the workers after he leaves. 1,173 more words