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How Does a Website Remember Your Preferences for It (and Choices Regarding Cookies)?

How do websites remember your preferences for them (or desire for none), and what about the touchy subject of cookies themselves? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post seeks to shed some light on how cookies work and the information they store for a confused reader. 11 more words


The Real Doctor Frankenstein

Nearly all of us have seen at least one or more movie adaptions of the classic Frankenstein story, but was there a real Doctor Frankenstein, or at least a real-life individual that the character was based on? 34 more words


Beginner: How to Switch Among Open Apps on Your Android Device

When you run an app on your Android device, you can minimize it and return to the home screen easily by touching or pressing the Home button. 29 more words


Google’s Location History is Still Recording Your Every Move

Google could be tracking and recording your every location on your Android device, and you may not even know it!

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7 more words


How to Convert a Mac-Formatted Drive to a Windows Drive

Macs format drives with Apple’s HFS+ file system, which Windows won’t recognize or access without third-party software. Macs may also create a protected EFI partition on these drives that you can’t delete with the usual disk-partitioning tools. 12 more words


Perspective on Personal Style:Stop Fighting In the Fitting Room

         Recently, I saw a young woman about my size on Instagram who was wearing a crop top that showed just a few bits of her mid riff she paired the top with jeans and looked quite cute.I liked the picture in support of her act of fabulousness.Later on that day I pulled out one of the crop tops I own stowed away in the back of my dresser grabbed a comfortable pair of jeans and looked in the mirror.The second I looked at my reflection with bits of my fluffy belly revealed, I grew sick.I tore my own appearance apart. 282 more words

A Perspective On Personal Style