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Why is Racism still an issue?

I have written about war and peace, I have written about gender equality. I have written about people living in violence. Today, I am writing to the world about yet another human tragedy. 717 more words


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I love that you dedicated your blog to every human being who died due to hatred and intolerance. I join you hand in hand, heart in heart.

A Story for the Ages

When I first met Rara from Rarasaur.wordpress.com, I was so jealous.

Here was a blogger who just started blogging before I did, and she was already Freshly Pressed with a truck load of active followers. 346 more words


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We MUST NOT forget... And don't forget to send her your love and letters.

Knitting, Sailing and Sunshine

1    What a cracker of a day this has been!  After an early trip to the osteopath, off to singing with The Suitcase Singers where five more wonderful knitters had their pieces finished for me to join to the growing Peace scarf, our contribution to Wool Against Weapons’ 7 mile scarf. 228 more words


The dirtiest word

He was a young teen and had been a patient of mine for at least a year. He had a long history of aggression, both verbal and physical. 573 more words