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From every part of my being, I am immersed in elation.

Head brimming on the verge of explosion. More ideas, challenges, inspirations, and lessons learned beckon to be put to paper in proper form. 92 more words


Blogging Question

Do you ever go through all your drafts?

Or all your published posts?

And have the biggest urge to just edit everything?


Urge to Kill Rising

Hi folks – just a quick, sad entry today.  My MacBook Air (only two years old,BTW) crashed today – and I am left without sanity and without words. 67 more words


Just want to give a big thanks to Jenny at ♥ readsbyredriverbanks ♥ for the fun liebster award nomination. That was a nice surprise to see on a Monday morning. 911 more words


Z *right click* *delete*

I feel like there’s A LOT I need to get off my chest in order to be able to put it all behind me. I hate summer. 1,972 more words

My review of the Opinionnatedman

 The opinionatedman, who’s real name is Jason Cushman and his blog HarshReality caught my interest seeing his constant blogging after I started to follow his blog. 473 more words

Opinionated Man reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:

What a great review! I appreciate it very much and thanks for the honesty! You know many people use the "boiling pot" analogy with me and I am starting to feel like it is a good mental picture. Thanks again for the review and hopefully you don't mind the reblog! -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their blog.

Wake Up Wednesday "Linky" Week #34

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               Welcome to the 34th week of  Wake Up Wednesday “Linky” 


25 Blogs  –  1 Party


We are so excited to have you all party with us. 519 more words