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On #RiskManagement in the #SocialMedia environment. (Silence Is Complicity)

interestingly enough, I was thinking about a certain “Leaders” program.

And having bought in to the corporation to lead their marketing and other departments I sincerely have no idea why those leaders wouldn’t have potential personal or professional liability and require coverage (if even covered, depending on their own policy) due to actions by the corporation that they now lead.   343 more words

Social Media

Thank you!

As I come closer to my first blogging goal ever I feel the need to say thank you to everyone that has continued to read my random posts. 69 more words


The Teaser Trailer that Threatens Terror

Nah, it’s probably not that scary, right? If you’re a lover of scary stories, here’s a teaser trailer for 2014’s 13 Stories ‘Til Halloween: 52 more words

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Oh, gosh -- "13 Stories" is on like Donkey Kong and I've missed a few. Horrors! *rectifying that situation*

What Do You Want From Me?

I am so new to blogging… I still feel like a newborn and that is what I basically am: A newborn blogger.

Of course I still try to find my way and find out, what my readers like best. 319 more words


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I think it is less about asking what potential readers want and more about finding out what you want to share first. And then sharing it. I don't have a target audience myself and I asked that question as the daily opinion to really get people to think about who they wish to connect with. The answer may very well be "everyone," and that to me is ok! I hope you keep at it and keep on blogging. -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their site.

One Lovely Blog Award

 Oh me oh my, my pumpkin pie! My blog has been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award! I was nominated from Grynnie. This may be a little late, because she did do it a week ago, but here it is. 820 more words


When I'm Feeling Blue

Whoa! this is such a revelation …

Well, I visit the “Stats” from time to time not really making heads and tails of it. I just know that it counts everything that is happening in my site but have not thought much of what I can use it for. 512 more words

Blogging 201

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Good stuff! It is never a bad thing to study your stats and really find out what works with your blog. Many bloggers consider that "lame," but I personally see it as doing necessary homework. Nice post and best of luck on your next milestone! -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their post.