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Lets Lirn Inglish, 4

   Let’s Learn English Grammar, Lesson 4

Please be aware that I’m not a teacher, I’m learning about grammar using these posts and hope some of you will learn along with me as I seek out the British English grammar on the internet. 631 more words

Getting Older

I saw a bunch of my old friends today. Only two of us there ain’t have kids yet. I was watching them attend to their kids once in a while when I saw these weird teenage girls in a white sailor blouse with a checkered tie that matches their skirt, chatting and laughing their hearts out.  47 more words


The Kathleen Hale Story

About a week ago, I started writing a piece in response to someone I got into a spirited discussion with in an article’s comments section, complete with accusations that I don’t know what I’m talking about. 3,420 more words


Living Better: Parenting Through Pain

My gal Echo has graciously agreed to open up about parenting through pain with me and you all. She usually spends her days trying to hold on to what’s left of her sanity while raising and homeschooling two kiddos. 780 more words


The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a for bloggers by bloggers to create awareness about new blogs! I was nominated by http://darlydarly.wordpress.com – Thanks love! Check out her blog. 462 more words

If We Were Having Coffee . . . (Vacation Edition)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you vacation week is upon me. On Monday, the office will be left neat and tidy with everything done. 563 more words