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My Smartphone is Stolen, What Can I Do?

Having your smartphone stolen by a thieving douchebag is an unfortunate risk of owning an expensive phone. Before you panic, and there definitely is a reason to have a massive freak out if you keep as much stuff as I do on your phone, there are ways to track your phone and hopefully find it before too much damage is done. 362 more words

Lost Phone

Starving in a Garret

I recently had a chat with a friend about writing. He said that he hadn’t been writing lately, and he found the situation really chafing, to the point that he was beyond frustrated and feared he would never write again. 646 more words


Paging Dr Soapbrain

This is Dr Soapbrain, and he’ll be your doctor today.

This is an example of a mnemonic, a memory aid used for remembering lists or other such informational tidbits. 191 more words


What I learned on my ENT specialty week

Other things I learned:

  • Superglue doesn’t belong in ears
  • I’m very good at paediatric consultations. Like exceptionally good
  • I might want to be an ENT surgeon (despite my fear of nose surgery)
  • 398 more words

Project LXK #2

The cool thing is, everything is in motion to liberation. The bad news  is I’m working double time until D-day, so I haven’t been able to commit to the Fives like I want to. 237 more words


How to write a review without sounding like a jerk

I happened to check out a copy of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild at random, while doing an ebook demonstration at the library where I have my day job. 850 more words


It's in the trees! It's coming!

So after awakening from the rejuvenating Bushsleep, Kate Bush is back, and apparently rocking the show.

This post is largely for my dear old Mother and Brother, who are big fans and went to see her  376 more words