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There’s few things that grind my gears more than what you’re going to see below. As an ex-community manager and content producer – seeing these sorts of threads literally makes me want to slap every ^community manager listed below and on the internet everywhere across the face for letting their standards go so low as to use copy and paste support messaging. 533 more words


Sketched Out @ Aprovecho

Here are my drawerings from the last month or so. Kyra drew the one of my face. I renounced film. No more plastic canisters littering my legacy. 107 more words


More writing advice

Today, being in an out-of-words mood, I’ll give someone else’s writing advice. I happened upon this series of Twitter posts by Buddhist teacher Alan Watts… 52 more words


It doesn't suck

Recently I unearthed a piece of short fiction that I wrote about five years ago. I always liked this piece – at least I liked the idea behind it – and I’ve long wanted to revisit it. 681 more words



The other day I desperately wanted to write a facebook post. Plenty of stuff in the news lately to go on a rant about, and I formulated a response that would have been pointed, snarky, insightful (if I do say so myself), and oh, so clever. 691 more words


They blocked me: I must be relevant!

So today I found out that, if you’re on TalkTalk in the UK then you can’t read this. Well, that’s not strictly true. AIUI the way it works is that the government pushed for “opt-out” filters at the ISP level on the internet (EDIT: turns out existing customers haven’t had to choose yet so the fact I can still get porn means nothing – tenses altered in remaining text to reflect this. 643 more words



So I’ve got two agent queries out in the wild.

Two doesn’t seem like much, but holy crap does it terrify me. You’d think that wouldn’t be the case – that I’d be over that initial trepidation you get when you email a journal a piece for the first time. 195 more words