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Rest in Peace

I can’t say that I’ve ever attempted suicide, or that I’ve ever even come close. The abstract idea of it has briefly flitted through my mind during a few especially low points in my life, but it has never legitimately been a consideration for me. 974 more words

Desertion ...

works in several directions.

It is easy to say poor, poor, pitiful me.

Wasn’t that a song?  I think it was.

Warren Devon sang it.  I think Terri Clark tried to sing it, but seriously? 414 more words


Sarcasm. Because punching people in the throat carries a felony.

This blog post is in response to an assignment I received from one of my classes at MWSU .

In this post I will examine, compare and contrast three different blogs from well known bloggers. 683 more words

Journo "junk".