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If You Think The Republican Controlled Congress Will "Govern" - Think Again

It has been less than one month since Republicans took control of both houses of congress.  When they opened the new session, both the Speaker of the House, John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said they were going to “get things done.”  Since then, they had to backtrack on bills because of an uproar in their own party.  782 more words


Healthy Living Series - 8 Amazing Plant-Based Dinner Ideas

We’re getting close to the end of January, which means the end of my Healthy Living Series. I’ve really been enjoying putting these posts together! It’s been a great inspiration for me to look for healthy options for every meal and snack and there are so many amazing recipes out there! 118 more words


If Conservatives Really Cared About "American Exceptionalism" They Will Stop Attacking Education!

Well, the 2016 campaign, at least on the Republican side, is officially on.  Many of the people who think they would make an excellent President went to Iowa last weekend for Rep. 1,108 more words


Citizens United Ruling Is Making Us The United Corporations Of America

Five years ago, The Supreme Court of the United States made one of its most outrageous decisions on campaign financing.  They ruled in favor of Citizens United.  927 more words


In the beginning....

I got my first taste of First nations art when I was in Grad 11. My art teacher;Mrs. Falukner (best teacher ever), had one day where she introduced us to First nations Art from around the world. 914 more words


Weekend Getaway

I hate small planes. I usually don’t mind flying, but completely jammed, -100 carriers just make me a wee nervous.

This little escape to San Francisco is/will be so worth it. 6 more words