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 Out the Glenn Highway overlooking the Matanuska River… Alaska…

So here we are several days later and a full lunar eclipse past and I’ve still not had the opportunity to go out with my new camera…. 480 more words


The Good, the Bad, and the Funny

So I am going to start this post by saying, I hate it when people use this as an excuse, and I totally do not think it is an acceptable excuse for not getting important things done, but I am just going to go ahead and tell you why I have not posted in over a week: … 255 more words


Beautiful People and Pink Flowers

I saw these flowers blossoming over the past couple of weeks.
I love how they don’t care for the barrier they are held by. Life is like that, it cannot be contained, it cannot be held, it blooms forth, no matter where you are, and I love that. 241 more words


"Fighting For Rights" Sure Doesn't Mean What It Used To

I know that the current Republican Party leans towards white men.  Mostly to “older” white men.  I know that women are very intelligent people.  I understand that there are differences between the genders.  846 more words


New Haircut, new lifestyle, new career

Well, not exactly a new career. But somewhat in that general area.

It’s been months since I wrote on my main site and frankly, I need to clean up this cob webs, man. 531 more words


Only February, And Still An Achievement!

I looked back on things, and I started this project only in February. But it doesn’t feel like such a small amount of time to me. 90 more words


Looking Past the deep gray sky...

I don’t know why, but I find the cloudy sky relaxing. When I’m feeling down and blue, it always seems to soothe me. And it doesn’t even take long to lift my spirits just a little bit. 116 more words

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