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Is The Roberts Court The 21st Century Jim Crowe Court?

The Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s affirmative action ban.  The ruling means that the State of Michigan is able to eliminate race as a basis for determining who gets into college or not.  762 more words


A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words, Or Something like that?

I’ve decided, since this blog is doing so well with me right now, that i’ll start a photography blog. it’s something that interests me and i might just see where it goes from here if i can get myself moving and actually get it off the ground. 104 more words


A Taste Of Religion.

one thing I’ve been having a little fun with is my religious and spiritual views. and there is allot to learn as i am not really restricting myself to Christianity as i was originally raised with it. 309 more words

Fresh Blooms

If anything can turn a bad day around, it’s some fresh flowers, springtime, and of course, some Lilly. I had so much fun blogging on campus, especially with it being this pretty outside! 62 more words

If Only...

Wasilla, Alaska…

Well it’s been a couple days… progress is slow here at the house. I’ve begun a couple of staging areas here in the house, one by the front door. 888 more words


If You Want To Move The Country Forward, You Need To "Listen" To The Younger Generations Not Dismiss Them As "Whiners"

I generally stay away from labeling generations.  I know there has been a lot of talk about the Gen X, Millennial, and now the Gen Z.  856 more words


Seeing Myself In The Mirror.

Yesterday I saw myself in the mirror.

Not like I have every day before that of course. But I mean I actually saw myself.

It made me realize that I’m not that far off from where I want to be, and it’s really not that much further. 134 more words