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Welcome to my blog!

Hi, and welcome to my first blog post.

I’ve been meaning to set up a blog for some time now, but learning about business blogging for my social media marketing course has finally given me the courage to do it. 73 more words


Stand Your Ground Laws Show How Dismally We Treat Women Who Are Victims Of Domestic Abuse

So, you think that all of those “stand your ground” laws will help protect women who are victims of domestic abuse.  If you believe that, you are very tragically wrong.  849 more words


The Need For Affirmative Consent Laws Shows Just How We Disrespect Women In Cases Of Rape

As expected, the recent “Yes Means Yes” law passed in California has generated a lot of talk and arguments.  We hear the usual arguments about how men will be falsely accused of rape who really aren’t rapists.   678 more words


I am going to #fitblognyc for my first Meet and Tweet with Fitness Magazine...Tweet me luck!

Yesterday I completed my “training” for the Runner’s World 10k this weekend. My training plan consisted of playing soccer and teaching a few fitness classes each week and running whenever I felt like it. 508 more words


It Is Time To Stop Celebrating The Columbus Day Holiday

I haven’t decided yet if our friends over at Fox News is just having a much too slow news cycle, or if they are really only interested in speaking up about all of their perceived “attacks” on white Christians.  767 more words


American Horror Story.

So this week on Wednesday marked the fourth season premiere of American horror Story: Freak show. I sat down on my couch at 9 and prepared myself for the AHS experience and let me tell you it was exactly that..an experience. 81 more words

Republican Party To America: "Yes, We Cut Over $2 Billion From Public Health Agencies In The Last Few Years. So, You Can See That It Is Not Our Fault We Aren't As Prepared To Protect You From Things Like Ebola."

As you are well aware, the Republicans are in a tizzy over Ebola.  They are putting the blame on the President, naturally, and if you watch or read anything from Fox News, the country is facing doom and gloom.  1,043 more words