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Blogging 101, Day Eighteen: Plug into Social Networks

There’s no doubt about it…particular sites may come and go, but social networking is here to stay, and it can be a very useful tool for accessing new readers. 314 more words

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10 Ways to Know You're a Writer

You’ve wondered, right?

You’ve asked yourself this question many times and you’re reading this post to find out, “Am I a writer?”

Like a hypochondriac checking out WebMD for signs and symptoms, you scour articles and blog posts for the telltale signs and symptoms that you’ve got what it takes to declare yourself a writer. 489 more words

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She uses FUCK a lot

Yes, I know that a lot of y’all out there don’t use it anymore because Facebook is so 2010. Instead y’all have switched to twitter. 777 more words


Blogging 101, Day Seventeen: Increasing Your Commenting Confidence

What do bloggers crave? Recognition. Bloggers want to know that someone is reading what they’re writing.

What is the best way to show bloggers that you’re reading what they’re writing? 301 more words

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Blogging 101, Day Sixteen: Making a Prompt Personal

Prompts can be a blogger’s best friend. When you’ve found yourself with a monster case of writer’s block and it seems as though there is simply nothing worth saying, doing a quick search for some prompts can save your blog’s posting schedule. 449 more words

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Blogging 101, Day Fifteen: Content Loves Design

There’s a lot to be said about making a blog your own. You don’t want it to be like everyone else’s. You want it to be something that pleases you, both visually and functionally. 222 more words

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Having Done - Everything

We’ve been here a few times before. It’s Sunday and it’s time for me to sum up a weeks’ worth of concept in a few paragraphs. 310 more words