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Owning My Emotions

A friend quoted a line from a book awhile back about being “responsible for your own feelings” and then I saw a quote elsewhere along the line of “nobody can make you feel anything.” I have turned this over and over in my brain for weeks now. 1,599 more words


The Haunted Palace

by Edgar Allan Poe

In the greenest of our valleys
By good angels tenanted,
Once a fair and stately palace—
Radiant palace—reared its head.
In the monarch Thought’s dominion— 241 more words

Blogging 101

Thougts and Purpose (10-Minute Free-Writing)

I created a blog to have a place where I can talk non-stop about my feelings and thoughts.

Thoughts about anything. It doesn’t have to be sensible… 319 more words

First 100


Oh my goodness!!! Nadia was absolutely right. I tried her recipe for the chocolate shake and it was absolutely delicious!! I added my normal hemp seed, goji berries but wow, I will be adding this to one of my favorites!! 23 more words

Blogging 101

Writer-Vation: The Words Escape Me

I haven’t wanted to write much lately.

I just haven’t been in the “mood” to write. Call it minor writer’s block or a lapse in complete brain function. 379 more words

Blogging 101

Maintaining Focus ( in a world of distractions)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my focus on my goals.  My mother always told me when I was growing up that I was a “Jack of all trades” and I would be a “master of none.”  This was her way of telling me to focus on one thing.   828 more words

Blogging 101