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Language of the Deaf and Sight of the Blind.

I came across two questions that my brother had asked his friend. These questions may appear lame at first but if you bother to give a serious thought to them then you’ll certainly find sense in them. 570 more words


Smoker's Neck

Silence breeds lunchtime.

Tell tale signs:

Blue teeth,



fetid Mind-Wort


Up in Maine,

we bathe in Clover,

not Butter.


Discovering Poetry (with examples)

As some of you may have guessed, I have being doing my final assignments for the year this month, and it’s been a bit taxing. 440 more words



Radio Gone,

auto cut-off.

In the Smoke:

Big Matisse

Jazz Gig.

Scissor Sisters

to preside?

Sounds on the Staircase.

Voices without faces.

Cup in the Galley.

Prospect of Coffee

and Perfidy.



I’ve been back from vacation for a week, and I’m still having all sorts of problems with my blog– namely uploading photos.  It’s enough to just set my head to spinning and has left me unable to post what I want to post. 370 more words

Tales From The Motherland

How to allow comments on your Wordpress blog posts

I recently had a cry for help from a friend: she’d posted her first blog post but it wasn’t letting anyone post comments. I told her about the standard way to allow / disallow commenting on blog posts, but that wasn’t helping, and I ended up rolling up my sleeves and ferreting around in her blog Dashboard myself before discovering the answer to our dilemma. 433 more words


This post is for Melissa.

The always wonderful Melissa wants to know how one goes about linking to a particular blogger in the body of a post. This post is a step-by-step answer to her question. 253 more words