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Tripping on Words

I went to the bank yesterday. I’ve naturally been going to the bank often, as most adults do, and the bank tellers have become familiar to me. 415 more words


Life... =)

Sup Guys!

Hope you all had a good weekend =) Mine was pretty good!

So quite a lot has gone on in my life since I last did a proper post like this, I’ve been wanting to talk about it for a while but haven’t, in fact the last time I wrote a post was the 13th, the day I got back from my mates house, everything was still pretty peachy then but it didn’t last too long =/ 646 more words


Learning to Blog with Wordpress

This post is about blogging with WordPress.

But actually it’s just a sample page illustrating some WordPress features to my students.

The Beginning…

To begin a WP blog, you have start with an idea of what you want to write.   25 more words


Taking the leap

I’ve had this blog sitting here for awhile now. Like I mentioned in my ‘about’ page, I have another blog that I have been writing for a number of years but had been going back and forth between writing and reflecting about education and learning there or starting a new space all together. 193 more words


WordPress--WordPerfect Resistance

Hello Everyone,

Our summer is progressing pleasantly; the weather has been cool enough most days that we’re not sweltering. I’ve even been working in the yard more lately; I decided on Sunday that I was going to pay much more attention to the outdoors and enjoy my yard while I can, as these beautiful days are so fleeting. 163 more words



I have a love hate relationship with memes.  Too over exposed, everyone does it, it’s much more degrading and vulgar than smart and witty.  Well my brother says my memes I created doesn’t match how they are too be used, so I asked him, there are rules “to this”?   90 more words


My Second Blogging Anniversary !

I created my blog site two years ago, and my first post was a written account, illustrated with photos, of why I live in the woods.   145 more words

Eclectic Musings