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Reading Is Hazardous to Blogging

I’ve been pretty absent around these parts for the past month. I could claim it’s due to being busy with both work and kids. I could claim it’s the pregnancy nausea sucking the will to live out of me despite ’round-the-clock anti-nausea medication. 257 more words

Life In Clegg House

I am chained.

You have pushed me into a chasm of despair. It grows deeper as I recall your bitter words and it grows wider when you remain silent. 99 more words


Online dating Part 4

Now it’s just for the blog. There is seriously no one out there. Actually people that read what you want etc. I’m not losing sleep over it. 185 more words


I'm Not Apologizing For My Long Absence.

It’s been close to a week since I have even said a word in here. I can’t apologize for that because to be honest, I don’t truly know any of you that read my blog here at wordpress. 212 more words


Two more experimental posts

The first of these archive posts is a history of my writing “career” up to that point. ┬áIt is also my first post about my blogging experience and the first post I linked up to an established blogging project- a… 93 more words