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My guest post for One cool site

I’ve been away on a family camping trip, the details of which I’ll share in my next post. As we’ve been without WiFi and electricity, my interactions of late have been rather limited! 219 more words

Comments, re-blogging, and the gratuitous traffic grab

Any engaged writer that has ever sat and Googled “How can increase my blog traffic” soon realized:  the sites you are sent to did the… 834 more words

Exercise: The six-word horror story

A while back, I saw a favorite blogger of mine–someone who does what’s called an “overnight thread” make a brief pass at this subject.  It was an exercise such as this one in which a full story arc can be galvanized into a mere six words.   248 more words

This momentum thing can get addicting (Oh, and WHAT ABOUT posting one's work to the blog?)

All right.  Seems like trying to pinch the germ of an idea out of one’s cerebral petrie dish is the hard part.  I’m already a chapter in to my work.   169 more words


Be in a Post! What Advice Would You Give to Others About Blogging?

TMU is designed to create a supportive community of bloggers (click here to see why we do what we do). As such, a lot of different bloggers are at different places as far as blogging experience is concerned. 63 more words

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