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Nobody Knows: What Type of Mystery are you Writing?

A member of the Thriller Readers Google+ group recently asked if “certain sub-genre thrillers written by experts in those areas seem to portray more realistic stories than your everyday fiction writer?” That got me to thinking: I guess it depends on what genre and sub-genre you like to read. 491 more words

Mystery Writing 101

A to Z Challenge - Day 14: N is for Names

Hi all,

Today I wanted to talk about something that always gives me trouble as a writer – names! I get quite envious of those who seem to effortlessly just ‘know’ their characters should be called, or even have the name before the character even appears to them. 245 more words

This I Believe: Marriage for Me is about Sharing My Life with my True Companion

I’m prejudiced enough to believe that if you’re going to get married, then you should marry someone you call a true companion—although maybe everyone else does not ask or need that from a life partner, as I do. 314 more words


N is for Native

N is for Native: In the world of Gossamer Steel, the Sámi who are native to The Country – formerly the Nordic countries – are instrumental in re-building the post-apocalyptic world, in alliance with the… 534 more words


A to Z Challenge - Day 13: M is for Magic

Hi all,

Running a bit late again today – oops, so this will just be a short one! Today, though M is for Magic :) 253 more words

Motives for Murder Mysteries

My favorite part of reading a mystery is learning the Big Why behind the murder and cover-up. The reasons can be creative and elaborate. However, the best murder mysteries are those which act as dark metaphors for real life events and experiences. 115 more words

Mystery Writing 101

Rainy Day Reads Blog Hop | M is for M.I.A.

Jack is back! It’s a miracle.

Jack Canon’s American Destiny has been missing in action (m.i.a.) for months. He has been returned to me still in the package – as snug as a bug in a rug. 462 more words