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V is for Vidda

V is for Vidda: In the world of Gossamer Steel the Vidda is the northern area of The Country (Scandinavia) and the location of many inhabitants’ spiritual journeys, not least as the most sacred seat of learning is on the northern tip, where… 500 more words


U is for... UNUSUAL

U is for UNUSUAL
as in try something new
It doesn’t have to be unique
if it is something you usually don’t do.

So, what is so unusual about this edge of night scene? 85 more words


A to Z Challenge - U is for Unicorn

Hi all,

So, I was going to do something longer for today, but after two 12hour+ shifts in a row my brain has slightly gone to mush, so thought would just share this with you instead. 79 more words

This I Believe: Uttering Beliefs on an Almost Daily Basis is Unnatural for Me

So much for a theme for Blogging A to Z—I had no idea how difficult I would find it to talk about beliefs for a month. 293 more words


Unlawful Behavior: Just how bad is your bad guy?

Unlawful behavior is a violation of the laws of a civilized society. In every society, a code of behavior exists that governs right from wrong. Behavior that violates that code of is considered an unlawful act. 174 more words

Mystery Writing 101

T is for... TINY

T is for TINY
A trio of tiny art.

Note: I originally posted this picture on Barnbees, my other WordPress blog, in May 2013. Maybe T should be for TIME as it seems I’ve been shy on time a lot lately.  17 more words


U is for Urdu

U is for Urdu: In the world of Gossamer Steel the inhabitants of Bhārata (India sub-continent) speak predominantly Urdu and Hindi, although there are other languages native to the enclave, such as… 452 more words