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Sen. Whitehouse Applauds Obama’s Defense of Net Neutrality

Sen. Whitehouse Applauds President’s Defense of Net Neutrality

Providence, RI – Today President Barack Obama released a statement calling on the Federal Communications Commission to ensure a free and open internet by upholding the principles of net neutrality and reclassifying consumer broadband service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act – a step which would enable the FCC to prevent internet service providers from creating “fast lanes” for certain websites.  114 more words

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Some Reactions to my Posts About Progressives

Some have asked for examples of bullying from the progressive community. Consequently I also received emails and facebook posts from so many people I can’t very well list them all. 607 more words


All Right! We're #36 for Top Nursing Blogs!

We’re #36! It has a ring to it! My nurse mother up in heaven would be proud. Many thanks for our resident-nurse-writer Nancy Green for all her great nurse-related content throughout the past decade!

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