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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin'

Whew, is it summer already? In response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

This looks like a wooden bucket containing boiling water. In fact, it’s a mineral spring coming to the surface. In response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Containers.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Not much traffic here, right? In response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Relic.


Things that go together: Hello, blogging everyday and Canada

How do you start to blog after two months of no blogging? That is the question I’ve found myself with lately. Except the months have gone from three, to four, to… 384 more words


Virtual Blog Tour

I was picked by a better blogger, Ronovan at Ronovan Writes, for a weekly blogging event called the Virtual Blog Tour. The idea is that on Monday, you answer four simple questions about your creative process and choose three fellow bloggers to highlight. 487 more words


The last Writing 101 prompt is all about describing my most-prized possession. In other words, it’s all about me! I am my own most valuable possession, very obviously, because unlike anything else, there’s no way I could get another me. 347 more words


Writing 101 staff is running out of ideas. For the last but one day of the challenge, we are left to our own resources and asked to free-write. 245 more words