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Everyone needs to calm down and chive...


I am sending virtual hugs to the person that posted this and all those that are reading it. Virtual hugs for all!



It's today! Fun, fun! Leave a comment!

You know, working a real job kinda gets in the way of d-blogging (and d-commenting). But – the real job is the health insurance and so… 299 more words


Just enough time to commit

Twenty minutes is long enough to push out a blog post on the run between appointments and work, right?

I’m struggling.

This blog is languishing. I can’t get motivated. 169 more words

The Blog Days of Summer, Post II: New Roots in Chestnut Hill

A month ago, I relocated to a new-to-me Philadelphia neighborhood called Chestnut Hill. It’s in the Northwest corner of the city. As most of you are probably aware, Philly is rather large — both geographically and demographically. 376 more words


The awakening

Welcome to Fit Awakening! This blog, and this first post, has been a long time coming.

I started blogging back in 2009 as a senior at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.   158 more words


The Daily Opinion - Most Hated Post?

Do you have a “most hated post?” My most hated post actually wasn’t the Women are crazy article. It was a daily opinion on Coke vs Pepsi and “some” bloggers hated I got tons of comments on it. 28 more words


Love Thy Neighbor

Over the past few weeks I’ve mentioned quite a few times, the phrase “Love Thy Neighbor.”  Well, we got some disturbing news yesterday.  Our neighbor was in a severe motorcycle accident.  536 more words