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Ramble 5: What is this women empowerment shit??

It’s in the newspaper, it’s on the television, it’s in the ads, it’s on posters, it’s even on the bloody tees, IT’S EVERYWHERE! What is, you may ask? 374 more words

October 2014

Regular Blogging Schedule

Hi guys, in addition to posting the latest news here, I also plan to do regular blogging here. The blogposts would cover things such as personal episode reviews, card of the week articles, deck lists, pack openings, or even things such as my life in Japan or posts that teach some basic Japanese. 141 more words


My Ex Comes to Visit. Part Two.

I often wish I was one of those people who, when faced with a period of uncertainty, would make it a point to get extra sleep, eat nourishing, empowering meals and meditate quietly on how everything happens for a reason and so therefore, there is no reason to worry. 1,867 more words

Some mornings.....

By Kenneth Justice

~ I’ve been working a lot lately…….a whole lot.

My typical work day in recent months starts at 7am and doesn’t usually end till 6pm; and many nights I find myself working till 8 or 9. 441 more words


Husband disappears on baby moon ...?!!

Thursday means the weekend is finally here in Dubai and for the rest of the world the weekend is close by!! Therefore a little fun post today… but first I have to share how proud I am of my little man! 607 more words



Dark is my name
I live in the darkness
With no shame
It is dull and full of moats
Darkened by strayed souls

I am insidious… 278 more words


10 Reasons I Appreciate Teachers or...

Why You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough to Teach in School

1. Stinky Children. Have you smelled a child’s breath in the morning? Do you know where those hands have been? 875 more words