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Heavy Lifting and Mercenaries

I wanted to put a snappy image on the front of this of someone bench pressing a pole with a lot of carefully balanced books on the top of this post, but the only image I could find like that was kinda grainy.  677 more words

Daily Prompt: Tween Age Idolz

I wanted to be like Jesus.

But I didn’t have special powers.

Ok music-wise?

I wanna say Aerosmith.
They were the first group I listened to on the radio the first time I decided to turn on a radio as a pre-teen. 221 more words

Daily Prompt

A Leave of Presence

Traffic for the past month has been abysmal. I try not to let it get to me, but that’s a little bit like not going on Facebook. 999 more words


From A Lover of the Wrong Things

One day we will find

the right things to say,

and I’m not sure

I want to be there

when that day comes.


Instagram Depression - Help Me!

Wow…I just got to 100 instagram followers. And honestly, thank you to those following me. But I just had a buddy had me look up Devin Burgman (488,000 plus followers) and Dan Bilzerian (1,450,000 plus followers). 170 more words



Piece by fragile piece
You have taken more from me
Than you will ever know
Because those pieces
Are insignificant and discarded
By your precious hands

Wait...What? An award...? I would like to thank the Academy...

Thank you motherhendiaries for nominating me for a Liebster Award for new bloggers!  I knew the Master’s degree in English would pay off someday!  Wait until I tell my dad!   1,305 more words