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Hello all! I am super excited to announce Nonsense & Shenanigans’ new services.

As you may know, I am a single mother with a mental illness trying to put herself through school, take care of her son, and manage to write for a living. 87 more words


Gingerbread House

The long drive ran narrow and red

from the blackness of the road

through a sprawling yard

bedecked in pines and spotty, southern grasses.

Small and nestled amongst the deep greenery… 125 more words


Today's blog tip: Write now, publish later

Ever finish writing a blog post then think, “I’ll need to remember to publish it later today?” No need for that anymore, because with WordPress, you can schedule publication of your blog posts! 97 more words


Real Or Fake Message?

After talking to *Steve’s father on (via phone) on Monday, June 9th this year, he had required my mobile/cell number. The next day, Tuesday June 10th, he contacted me and asked for the address of where I was staying. 1,665 more words


Weekly Writing Prompt

Prompt #1

Write a scene between a hospital patient and a doctor trying to diagnose treatment. The catch? The patient is in shock and only able to say one word. 65 more words


3 periods in

And I’m going crazy. I don’t know where I’m going, my English teacher is scary as shit and I’m hungry. I really want to go home… T-T 😭