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MLB Nickname Evaluations: Whose Names Should Change?

The baseball offseason is long and difficult. It is not for the faint of heart. This season of slow news usually sees all kinds of articles pop up from sportswriters grasping at straws (and/or trying to keep their jobs). 3,280 more words



Awesome. Now I can turn my iPad 2 into a workhorse.

And I can prolong the lifespan of the iPad 2 and wait for Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to come of age.


Kota Bharu trip

Always thought KB was a dusty frontier town with bullock carts aplenty. Man… I’m wrong.

First trip to KB was for work. Friday to Sunday. Not much of leisure activity due to the tight schedule. 105 more words


Symbols of the moment

After every act of terrorism, governments lurch toward more surveillance, and in that respect, the Charlie Hebdo shootings were no different. 407 more words


Because you stole my heart

From the moment I met you, everything changed.
I knew I had to get you , whatever the pain.
I had to take you and make you mine.


An Existential Treatise on the Futility of Rationale

I’ve noticed myself becoming marginally less argumentative and aggressive as I age in this life.

Ha. If you asked for my fiancĂ©’s side of the story, he would probably recount to you the three biggest fights (so far) of our relationship and say adamantly, “Less aggressive? 953 more words


those hate/love conversations

i just hate/love these kind of conversations;

J – right, now i know where their house/street are
p – Where is it then?
J – its on this street… 75 more words