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ISIS in El Paso

Well, across the border in Ciudad Juarez, apparently, but that’s as close to El Paso as nevermind. Recalls to mind the old Kinky tune “I’m just another asshole from El Paso.” 187 more words


Climate warriors at play

Wormtongue is doing his part, planning another end-run around Congress to sign a UN treaty on Global Warming (TM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

Via Sean Linnane.


Blogosphere: Thoughts and what it really is

The blogosphere is the social universe created by online individuals using web log publishing platforms. Simply put, the blogosphere is a slang term for all the blogs on the internet.

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Blogosphere consist of blogs that exist together as a connected community in the social media. Since the term “Blog” has been coined nowadays, it has been referenced in a several number of media and used to refer to the internet. 275 more words


Ann Brownlee on the Potter’s Quarter

It must be a sign of the official end of summer in the U.S. that the Penn Museum Blog has been running a series of final field reports on field work and study at archaeological sites in Egypt, Iraq, Italy, Xinjiang, Turkey, and Greece. 405 more words

Urban Center


Infograph done by me to make up for NatSci’s attendance last August 23, 2014 :)


Gazastanians slain by falling bullets

And they weren’t even Israeli bullets! Nope.

They were from the usual physics-challenged, masked IslamoNazis firing their AK-47s into the air. Disregarding Newton, as always, they forgot that what goes up must come down. 58 more words