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This is Me, Asking for Help...

I just did that I’ve been resisting for a long lo-o-o-ng time.

I sat down and wrote honestly about myself, and some of the ways I’ve been less-than-together (under-statement of the century) in my Real Life, and then Actually. 395 more words


cordeliasmom2012 reblogged this on Cordelia's Mom, Still and commented:

Our good blogging friend, Karen J, needs our help. You've all seen her wonderful, funny comments all over the blogosphere, and some of you have received her help when you needed it. Personally, were it not for Karen J's emotional support at the beginning of my blogging career, you would not be reading this post now. Please, if you can pony up even a few dollars, that would be appreciated. You can donate on GoFundMe (link is in the post), or to PayPal (kmjohannessen@yahoo.com). I've given what I can - now it's up to the rest of you, if you can help a fellow blogger get past the rough spot in her life. I don't imagine it was easy for her to write this post. PS:  Read what she says on the GoFundMe site.  It could just as easily be any of us in the current economy. (Comments are disabled here.  Leave any comments on Karen's post on her website.)

The PC Cult

As seen through the sharp lenses of celebrated Russian writer Victor Pelevin:

“I think political correctness is justified when it allows you to preserve human dignity. 156 more words


Adios Scott, again

Adios Scott Chaffin, your blog The Fat Guy is no more. We’ll miss it as we have been missing you.

Likewise Sullivan’s Travelers, a… 54 more words


The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

It is always something very special when another blogger nominates you for an award.  So it really meant a lot to me when Sami Ann from the blog… 1,382 more words


A tale of two marketplaces

Well, folks. I had actually planned on writing about how recruiting truly diverse teams of writers requires actively removing barriers to entry. But instead, thanks to Gabe Newell and the legions of MRA asshats on Steam, I’m writing this instead. 1,734 more words



Eternal presence. Eternal Joy. Eternal Happiness. Eternal Peace.

The gifts of love laid bare.

During this day, remember Love given and experienced endlessly with each moment works miracles as the act of love releases the past unhinging the future. 357 more words


Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah is not for the squeamish. Nor the two-state solution.

It’s not really about kids, gifts, fried potatoes or candles. It’s straight-up militarism, oh yeah, a victory celebration in a multimillenial conflict: “a reminder that… 35 more words