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Talk about camouflage !!!

Science Dump

You ain’t seen nuthin’ like this !! – and it’s just for fun, nought to do with war …



Where I'm From: The Sisterwives

There is such a variety of images to pick from to describe the beauty and splendour of the manner in which something enormous and amazing can come from something tiny: butterfly from caterpillar; oak from acorn; mountain from molehill (wait, no, not that!). 621 more words


A cry from the heart (again !)

I’ve posted about this before – twice – and I shall post about it again, some time in the unforeseeable future (isn’t that ALL of it ?). 355 more words


Take a walk on the ... political compass side !


I did. It was fun.


Find out what your pigeonhole is, and print yourself a Certificate !

Aw, g’wan – why not ?!


No need to panic over "amnesty"

And probably no need to impeach, either, despite what I said earlier. The Worm’s big amnesty decree was a lot less than advertised, which is typical of him and his administration. 423 more words