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The Downton Abbey Economy

It’s been said that the rise of the tech plutocrats of Silicon Valley (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn) and the simultaneous decline of the American middle class… 194 more words


Bloggers Wanted / Blogtober14

It’s that time of year again, no not Christmas – Blogtober! Thank goodness for the fact that ‘October’ lends it’s name to so many campaigns for fundraising or activities. 248 more words

Mental Health

"What's in a name"? Privacy and anonymous speech on the Internet

Keynote speech by Lord Neuberger at 5 RB Conference on the Internet, 30 September 2014

The President of the Supreme Court has delivered a very interesting address on the protections that should be afforded to what might be termed the “new Fourth Estate” – journalism on the internet. 583 more words

In The News

Japanese Embroidery: Hiroko Ishii

I like the fact that embroidery is not anymore an old fashion hobby and that some innovations are made with this marvelous tool, sometimes as sophisticated as the ones of  154 more words


Oh, my ! Oh ... my !!!

Elaine Boddy is someone whose blog I’ve been following for as long (I THINK) as she’s been around. Or maybe I mean since I’ve been around. 140 more words


Themes (always)

I had to leave off using any theme with excerpts: it would’ve meant going through ALL my posts and creating one for each.

I don’t think so.


Eat Mor Chikin

One reason your beef and pork prices are going up at the grocery is because Obozo and his green cronies are conspiring to raise electricity bills to fight non-existent climate change. 113 more words