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Just What is a Blog

Well, what is a blog?

I think I have an idea of the concept, although I don’t think I grasp it completely.

Does that make sense? 428 more words


Horns Down

Texas QB David Ash’s play against North Texas was pedestrian at best and now we know why. He told the coaching staff later that night he was head-achy and dizzy and he thought it had begun on the first hit he took from a North Texas defender—a shoulder to the head early on. 136 more words


[EN] On the Power of Words: Are you telling Your Story from Your Unique Perspective

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As a former journalist and somebody believing in words and good writing I would love to see more marketers being convinced on the need of high quality content being written by experienced writers: 130 more words


One-Year Journey…And It Continues!

I shall be completing one year of blogging this week and so far this flight on the wings of words has been the most pleasant one. 1,124 more words


One of the best things about the blogosphere is...

For me, being able to share ideas with readers, and especially kindred spirits. How wonderful is it that via the internet, you may encounter people from places you’ve never even visited (or places you have) with whom you can exchange ideas.   295 more words

My Life

The Dems phony "rape epidemic"

Of course you’d have to be awfully uneducated or just plain stupid to pay attention to anything Joey Hairplugs had to say. But this blather about female college students enduring a rape epidemic is not only wrong, it’s… 53 more words


[EN] Why Your Company Blog Shouldn't Be About Your Company - Forbes

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It is always a fight to get a high quality corporate blog up and running. People tend to see it as another platform just to repeat the same marketing and sales pitches. 309 more words