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I haven't disappeared.

Not yet.

I’ll be back soon.

My life has been insanely busy with work over the last 2 months and it has finally winded down. 11 more words

A time for war

A time for war…..

We, as the USA and former USSR and the world watching, have been through the Cuban Missile Crisis and the resulting Peace Talks for world nuclear disarmament. 2,939 more words

Bible Studies

Badminton match with Malaysia's number 2

My friends and I usually join this badminton group every Sunday since 2012 and this 2 weeks have been a crazy hectic one. Last week, our friend Thean Yew invited Tan Kean Meng (world number 288) to spar with us. 405 more words


The Saga begins...

It was around this time I became so thoroughly disgusted with the way software companies treat consumers that I started publicly speaking out.

The PA guys responded to me that they couldn’t understand how I could think the original strip was anti-consumer. 16 more words


Marlboro cigarette ads

Marlboro is far and away the world’s best-known and biggest-selling cigarette, with a huge global presence and total sales now still well in excess of $20bn. 994 more words


Is this anything?

I remember this one time when I couldn’t sleep.

I was probably in grade 2 or something. My brother and I shared a room and I got up and wandered into the living room where my Mom was on the couch watching some late-night TV. 3,098 more words


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People often misidentify self-confidence for egotistical behaviour, and vice versa. These two have a very distinct difference. Confidence is usually backed with logic, reasoning or experience.

590 more words