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thermostat housing

Funny what you find under layers of grease…

I left the thermostat housing in a bath of running degreaser overnight and then gave it a bit of a scrub with a toothbrush and i found it was made of bronze. 198 more words


Engaging with Thanks....

Hello Lovely Readers,

As the holidays grow closer it can be harder to stay engaged and remember to be the Beauty you are and Love… 653 more words


Big Cleanup part 2

Today I enlisted the help of a professional engine cleaner, a man with a van and copious amounts of steam under high pressure. A few hours later and the entire chassis, suspension, engine, gearbox, steering…. 77 more words


Hello Lovelies,

It has been such a busy week..doctor’s appointments, mine, the kid’s and the bunny’s, deadlines, domestic duties, rehab, and recalcitrant help at home have made it just that little bit harder to engage my senses and nourish my soul..I never wanted to run away with the circus so I wonder how I ended up doing so much juggling…. 380 more words


How to Get More Contract Work

Going out on your own as a contractor or consultant means you gain more control over your work schedule and workload. An issue with going out on your own though, is you are responsible to find consistent work and contracts to keep a consistent income. 331 more words

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