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Your Input !

Hello ! :)

So I have some followers on this blog now :D Thank you to those that follow !! And I was just wanting to know what kind of things you we’re all wanting to see, whether it be things like OOTD’s, Hauls, GRWM, Collections, TAGS, Reviews, etc.. 34 more words


Business Grants and Subsidies for Courier Start Ups

So you’re starting a courier business and want to know if there are any business grants or subsidies that can help you along the way. The answer is a big YES! 211 more words

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Benevolent Malware

“Somebody stepped inside your soul.” Lykke Li, The Troubles

“and there is a light, don’t let it go out.” Bono, Song for Somebody

When I left home last Tuesday, the big news on the radio (yes, I still listen to the radio sometimes, because I am elderly) was that scientists thought they found one of the ships of the doomed Franklin expedition, but by the end of the day the big discovery was that about half a billion people had access to a new U2 album. 2,010 more words


How to Track your Fleet of Vehicles

Okay, so you’re in charge of a fleet of vehicles and it’s not always a bed of roses – and that’s an understatement! Every day, you’re fielding calls from customers who want a definite delivery time, trying to establish where your drivers are, working out the best routes, wading through a mountain of paperwork, and doing everything you can to reduce fuel costs while ensuring your fleet is well-maintained. 276 more words

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The First Time

“Baby, slow down. The end isn’t as fun as the start. Please stay a child somewhere in your heart.” U2

Hey gang, it’s your old pal… 973 more words


Insurance Tips for Couriers

As a courier, there are a few bases you need to cover to protect yourself from legal action. These include:


Public Liability Insurance – If you damage someone else’s property or, worse, injure anyone in the course of your work, Public Liability insurance will cover you if you’re sued for negligence. 288 more words

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Tax Tips for Couriers

Tax: if there’s any way to avoid the wretched thing, no one’s invented it yet! Until the day when that blessed miracle occurs, the most important thing is to claim as many deductions as you legally can, and reduce your EOFY tax bill. 314 more words

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