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God and Jesus Christ not tea party Members

God and Jesus Christ not tea party Members (from a recent facebook convo…)

As you can see in this Tea Party “flyer”:

….it is very offensive to Christians. 5,277 more words

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A - Z A 26 line alphabetical piece in Rhyming couplets

A – Z

Another due date is approaching fast

Blogging is short term, the passion won’t last

Can you believe it; I’m still at it now! 266 more words


How to Maintain an Efficient Vehicle

Of all your big-ticket business expenses, a vehicle would have to be one of the biggest. So it pays to look after it! Here are our top tips for maintaining an efficient vehicle and saving dollars.

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The Sister Shawl

Well it hasn’t been a great month for my Mom’s friend Val. You may recall that I wrote about the demise of the ketchup factory in Leamington, Ontario… 1,860 more words


A fresh start

Do you know that weird feeling when is spring is starting to show its face? The last snow is melting, flowers pop up out of nowhere, lambs and ducklings are being born, and you get a tingling sensation inside… Kind of feels like you’re falling in love. 270 more words


Pope blood? Necromancers? Ancestor Worship? Worshipping dead?

Pope blood? Necromancers? Ancestor Worship? Worshipping dead?

Disgusting and sinful….. Necromancer – sometimes called worship of the dead… from local news….

Vial Of Blood From Recently Canonized Saint Pope John Paul II On Display In Philadelphia… 4,373 more words

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What's your Credit Rating?

When applying for loans or credit, lenders will commonly check your credit rating (or score), as part of the approvals process. You will probably have a credit file if you have applied, within the past five years, for a credit card, loan, mortgage, mobile phone, store card or utilities connection. 231 more words

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