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We Are In the Club: The Grandparenting Expats Club



noun: expatriate; plural noun: expatriates


  1. 1.

    a person who lives outside their native country.

    “American expatriates in London”

    • archaic

      a person exiled from their native country.

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Flashback Friday: Creative Write and Selling Cars

Last week at the family reunion my cousin was talking about my ability to make her laugh with my writing. She specifically mentioned an eBay ad I wrote when we sold our 1983 Suburban. 971 more words


Just Don't Let Him Play Outside Anymore

Just don’t let him play outside anymore. Not because of allergies. Not because it’s an unsafe neighborhood. Just because a neighbor complained about a child playing outside.  470 more words


Sarawakians Boleh

CM Sarawak Adenan knows that Sarawakians are very confident and he as the leader of the State is not ashamed to spell it out to the world.

Malaysian Politics


(From the archives)

Some thirty-five years ago, a particularly brilliant Czechoslovakian dissident named Vaclav Havel wrote an essay entitled “Power of the Powerless”. The subject matter was a thoughtful and timely dissection of certain paradoxical behaviors required by society in order for a person to prosper under the post-totalitarian regime then in power. 1,099 more words

Ex Tempore

The Day the Nation Mourns

United as One We Grieve for Fellow Malaysians whose lives were cut short. May their souls rests in peace and we will remember you all #mh17


35 Ethnic Races "We Live in Unity and Harmony"

The chief minister said things were a bit different in the peninsula.

“In West Malaysia, there are  only three major races and a few indigenous people, but they never stop bickering. 93 more words