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What inspired me to be a blogger…?

If I had a dollar every time I am asked this question I would be a millionaire by now in dollars, not after conversion. 655 more words


TOP 5 FRIDAY! - "Life Necessities"

Happy Good Friday my lovely followers! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful public holiday and celebrating whichever way you may believe :)

For those new to my site, this is a weekly post where I share with you all quotes, products, destination, motivations, anything where I can give insight to my readers! 1,136 more words

Top 5 Friday


Yesterday we were informed that “threats were directed at a SC member” and apparently his body language and actions showed it as a man living under political stress. 927 more words

Malaysian Politics

Kill the blog-O-sphere.....


Today is my day, pre blood-moon power day, to send out a request to all my blogging friends across the world.

I noticed the word Blog-O-Sphere recently, because it itched. 167 more words

"U are the 1" - It's On..!!!

After many months of putting the programs together to cover the zones the “U are the 1″ Youth Carnival will kick off with the Yoyo Championships in Kuching. 64 more words

Malaysian Politics

U are the 1

 Finally after so many months of preparation this Programme will take off.


Why You Should Start Blogging: Why I Was Reluctant to Publish My Works Online

The biggest problem I have with publishing my writings onto public platforms like WordPress or Blogger is that I’m not famous. Let me explain to you in details why I think not being famous is a huge issue when it comes to showing your work to the public. 1,085 more words