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Returning GOODY toothbrush covers, bus efficiency, decades child

Went out in the rain to successfully return the GOODY toothbrush covers, which went well, without any “ripping open the packages” BS this time! I went home immediately afterwards to start more editing for Holly, and was out and back within half an hour! 106 more words


Skirts, split ends chart, and two cool dragons!

You Are a Maxi Skirt

You are easygoing and a total free spirit. You don’t fit into many molds, and that’s fine with you.
You usually end up following your heart, and that leads you to some pretty unconventional choices. 74 more words


Persuasion with pathos, YOUR not YOU'RE, Canucks banner, Metal Slimes, Metal Babbles

Seems that Chinese Eric called me from his cell phone yesterday afternoon when I wasn’t here. Whoops!

You Persuade with Pathos

When there’s some convincing to do, you like to rely on emotional appeals. 136 more words

Phone Calls

Unexpected sales on reams of paper! / Pencil colors

I discovered a MAGICAL direct deposit to my chequing account on the 4th, which is cool because I needed to buy dish detergent and a ream of Staples printer paper since the last time I bought that was… 262 more words


Fried chicken, toilet paper, and bees

Went out for some fried chicken at KFC, and then to buy toilet paper at London Drugs. I really needed the last item, even though it wasn’t on sale! 129 more words


What's Your Fashion Philosophy?

Your Fashion Philosophy is Chic

You believe that ‘Elegance is the Only Beauty that Never Fades’… and you style yourself accordingly.
When it comes to fashion, you believe that less is more. 68 more words


Fidela's grandma in a dream / Finishing MOTHER 3 / The Cherry Blossom Test

I had a weird dream about Fidela’s grandma, and how we had to help her with her stuff in a white-tiled house. We had to stay with her while everyone else was at a lecture, and she gave us some preserved vegetables in return. 124 more words