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What Kitchen Utensil Are You?

You Are a Spatula

You enjoy cooking, but you like the results of your cooking even more. You cook your favorite dishes a lot.
You prefer to whip up food that others enjoy eating as well. 76 more words


What Kind of Toes Do You Have? / Michael and me at Kwong Chow!

You Have Stable Toes

Your feet are firmly planted on the ground. You don’t waver on much in your life, and you stand firm in what you believe in. 87 more words


Rock 101 Format Change / Is Your Style East Coast or West Coast?

Rock 101 changed their music focus / format to have more 90s songs, and now a bunch of people are complaining about it on the Facebook wall and timeline. 102 more words


Comforters, socks, a control top (WTF?), Dozi giving up rap and Facebook, color motivation

I finally felt like I had to unzip the heavy Tracker suitcase, and go through the garbage bag and Invicta bag: two pillows with blue pillowcases (useful), lots of washcloths / handtowels, two Hello Kitty cushions (useless!), nine pairs of (Ardene / Secret) socks (the wrapped new darker ones will be useful), Listerine Total Care Zero mouthwash (expires in March), a Secret control top (WTF?!), Secret nude tights / pantyhose, two comforters (useful), Roots fanny pack, a bunch of tops and pants which aren’t my style (like a thick white cotton pair of pants with Velcro, or a pair of thin blue pants with decorative buttons and NO pockets?!), a blue neck pillow, flowery shorts, another StormTech shirt (maybe this is the one which she thinks I’ll magically know is for Mike?), and a yellow Liz Claiborne shirt. 159 more words


Rescheduling a dentist appointment! / What Beachy Cocktail Are You?

Uncle Andrew’s office called to remind me about my dental appointment with Sean next Tuesday. Since I didn’t feel like going to Oakridge twice in a few days – and I think I’ll need recharge time after Sunday – I rescheduled for August 12 at 2:15! 105 more words

Phone Calls

You SHOULD use better judgement! / Money! / What Bar Game Are You?

This morning, the usual suspect said he would TRY to use better judgement in responding to messages. He’d better! We might go to Bellingham on Saturday, too. 106 more words