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Their drills were bloodless battles

A couple of years ago, I did something a little bit naughty. I bought myself a gift, and pretended it was a Christmas present to my son. 885 more words


Here, Where we Are...

Come on, roll the dice
There will be no doing this twice,
This has to be our last
and it would end fast.

My friend, the sun smiled here last… 185 more words



I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks because for a while, we all just ran out of enthusiasm for the whole idea. We made it to the mid year break, and then just couldn’t summon the energy to start up again. 428 more words


What we felt

Being the sort of person who delights in etymology, I found it kind of charming the other day to be told that the word ‘card’, as in to card wool, comes from the Latin… 726 more words


Up the creek

My wife is planning a career change, and as part of this, she is studying to get her next degree online. She has set up a small room as a study, and often works from there. 683 more words


Bloke models bag

I just cannot find the words worthy of these pics, so I shall let them speak for me…enough said!


I have an interview...

I am pretty excited to have been interviewed by David from An Unschooled Future.

Quite a fascinating character, I find his reasons for doing what he does… 81 more words