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Flying fox

It is summer here at the moment, and in northern NSW, we have all just had to endure another heatwave. With another three months of this weather to go, I am just not sure how many more of these summers I can take. 413 more words


Bark canoes

Last week was largely spent in an aside, looking at traditional boats of the Pacific. The whole thing was fueled by the sudden appearance of a fleet of… 552 more words


The Grey Area

A grey area, or ‘gray area’ to my American cousins, can be thought of in two ways.

Firstly I could describe it as an area filled by the colour grey (color gray, for my American friends). 501 more words


The vaka

Our usual routine was thrown into disorder this week when I stumbled onto the news that a fleet of Pacific Island ocean going canoes were due to arrive at the harbour. 619 more words


Golden eggs

On my way out the door the other day, I was leaving some fairly vague instructions for my wife to run the maths lesson.

‘He hates doing worksheets, and won’t have anything to do with them. 292 more words