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Arrawarra fish traps

Stone age cultures seem to get a raw deal from historians. This is probably because they leave no written records, and relatively few archaeological remains. Also, they lived a lifestyle with almost no cultural commonality to peopleĀ alive today, which makes it virtually impossible to truly understand their experiences. 803 more words


Dangerous toys

‘Take a look at this piece of wire. It’s a very heavy gauge, nearly as thick as your finger. It’s very strong. We can hardly bend it. 771 more words


How to Handle an Old Bag

In order to achieve health and happiness there are times when a woman must be treated like a woman, even if she is an Old Bag… Like when the Commando has a bunch of tulips or when Boris Johnson turns up at the cash point just as you’re being threatening by what I understand he refers to as oiks. 918 more words


Muttonbird Island

I wonder sometimes about the taste perceptions of 19th century sailors. Maybe it had something to do with a diet high in salted meat rather than poultry. 582 more words


Cause and effect

Last christmas, my eldest boy was desperate for a bow and arrows. It was all to do with the influence of Tolkien at our house, and his desire to be Legolas. 708 more words


A true Englishman

I lost a friend yesterday. He lost his battle with prostate cancer that had spread into his bones. I could go on here and say how angry I am that his country doesn’t do routine annual PSA tests, but we all have different health systems. 540 more words


Talking like a Kiwi


I have learned that just because you are in a country that mostly speaks English does NOT mean there will not be any language barriers. 817 more words