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I meet the assessor

In this part of the world, all children six years and older have to either be in school, or  be registered as a homeschool student. In practice, not all homeschoolers are registered. 823 more words



Daves tend to get things done don’t they?

In my experience the Daves and Davids I have known have been proactive ‘can do people.’Resourceful men who can think inside the box, outside the box and replace the box with a more sensible, stackable container. 261 more words

At the Beach

Shot this bloke in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland.


British Slang Words

The British Fleur is challenging the American Luke to guess the meanings of the various British slang words she throws at him.

British Slang

Easy complexity

Although our maths lessons contain basics like counting, adding, subtracting, and grouping things, I find it much more interesting to explore mathematical concepts. I have seen quite a lot of people discussing… 673 more words


You're doing a great job

I saved someone’s life the other day.  I was working as a nurse, so there was an expectation that I would be doing that sort of thing.  509 more words