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Pokertree Ghrian Golden Ale

Rating: 3.25

My first beer from the County Tyrone based Pokertree brewery in the north of Ireland, this is another beer that I picked up from a local beer shop in County Fermanagh and grabbed it as it was one of selection of Irish beer that I had yet to try and I’m all about the new beers. 371 more words


AleSmith Horny Devil

Rating: 4.6

A beer that I had been saving for quite some time now, AleSmith’s Horny Devil is a bottle that I ordered from the Brewdog online shop way back in May 2013 and had originally intended to drink soon after until I spotted the words ‘Ages Well’ on the bottles label and thought I’d store it and enjoy it sometime down the line. 506 more words


Woodforde's Headcracker (288 of 1001)

Rating: 4.1

This one is a bottle conditioned ale, my first from the Norwich based Woodforde’s Norfolk Ales and is another bottle I picked up from the Beers of Europe website towards the end of last year. 553 more words


Corsendonk Agnus (287 of 1001)

Rating: 4.05

Brewed under license from the Corsendonk Brewery by Brasserie Du Bocq, Corsendonk beers are apparently often overlooked due to a persevered lack of authenticity but this particular beer is rated very highly online so I’m not sure how much truth remains in that statement. 506 more words


La Trappe Blond (284 of 1001)

Rating: 3.9

A new Dutch beer for me now and one that I ordered from Beers of Europe recently in anticipation of my trip to Amsterdam later this year, I thought I’d try at least a few of the beers before visiting so I’d know which ones to pick up again. 404 more words


Flensburger Pilsener (281 of 1001)

Rating: 3.75

My milestone 100th German beer now and one that I’ve actually already tried before, Flensburger Pilsener is a beer that I sampled a number of times whilst in Germany last summer and it was one that I always enjoyed. 389 more words


A little two from the New Years

First up last night was Dungarvan Mine Head American Pale, really looked forward to this beer and unfortunately like most things you look forward to this disappointed it felt like a beer that was out of balance. 80 more words

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