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Thornbridge Tzara

Rating: 3.7

Another beer that I received recently as a housewarming gift and what will be my second Thornbridge beer of the last month or so, following on from the… 488 more words


Beck's Vier

Rating: 1.85

Time for what is now an increasingly rare macro-lager for myself, this one being my sixth beer from German brewers Beck’s and one that follows on from their… 380 more words


This. Is. Lager

Rating: 3.25

Yet another Brewdog beer, this one a very recent offering that was introduced in September this year and went straight into the brewery’s ‘headliners’ range which is essentially their core, year-round range. 508 more words


Secret Des Moines Triple

Rating: 3.75

This one is the last of three beers I received as a gift, brought back from France for me the other week and is another that seemed to cause confusion when I was looking it up online. 442 more words


Victory Golden Monkey (267 of 1001)

Rating: 4.45

My fourth Victory beer from the 1001 Beers list now, this one being the last from the book that I haven’t tried as yet and follows on from their… 638 more words


Grimbergen Ambrée

Rating: 3.5

This one had me a little confused when I tried to find some information about it online, the bottle said it was a French beer and it was brought back from France as a gift for be but the internet kept telling me it was Belgian. 436 more words


Chieftain Pale Ale

Rating: 3.35

As always I’m a sucker for any new Williams Brothers beers that I come across despite the fact that very few seem to really impress me, … 413 more words