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Blonde Redhead @ Frannz Club Berlin 09.17.14.

Blonde Redhead forces you to evolve with them as they vary their set lists and refuse to play the same old songs over and over. At so many shows it seems as though the bands play new material half-heartedly as they know that the early stuff is better, and that’s all the crowd wants to hear anyway. 33 more words


Blonde Redhead - Barragán

Luis Barragán was known to grace the streets of Mexico with his beautiful buildings. Praised as a sculptor rather than simply an architect, his modern and minimal taste created some of the most admired works of art to have an entrance. 335 more words

Blonde Redhead - "Barragan"

Grade: C-

Key Tracks: “Dripping” “Defeatist Anthem (Harry and I)”

The first song on “Barragan,” the title track, is a breezy intro. It has a little acoustic guitar, and nature-y sounds of birds and wind; very calming. 456 more words


Blonde Redhead - "Barragán" - ALBUM REVIEW

Blonde Redhead “Barragán”

Blonde Redhead was always one of those bands that I’ve heard of that I never bothered listening to. Maybe it was because most of their albums received lukewarm reception, or maybe it was because I always confused them with the 4 Non Blondes. 588 more words

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Album Review : Blonde Redhead :: Barragán

Ever since I first listened to Blonde Redhead nearly seven years ago there seems to be a dedicated group of hardcore fans that’s equally matched with ardent naysayers that compare this New York trio with a plethora of classic “artsy” bands and musicians of yesteryear. 385 more words