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I couple of days ago I accidentaly stumbled over Blond Redhead whilst browsing through some music sites. I can’t remember on which site/blog I discovered them but after seeing their wonderful cover art of their album “23” and listening to the title track I immidiately had the feeling that I just found out about a  really interesting group. 136 more words



我於2007年春夏之間邂逅的兩隊樂隊--Blonde Redhead與CSS(那時仍稱作Cansei de Ser Sexy),終於首度來港演出。縱然近年已甚少聽他們(當然也因為他們慢工出細貨),但單單聽到他們的名字,已牽起我不少青春的回憶。畢竟期待多年,沒有理由不去懷青春的舊吧。

當年因為《23》那經典的四腳網球女生唱片封面而留意Blonde Redhead,聽罷一曲〈23〉更旋即迷上這個兩男一女的組合。當晚,Blonde Redhead甫出場便演唱新歌〈No More Honey〉,接下來也有不少熟悉的歌曲如〈Dr. Strangeluv〉、〈Here Sometimes〉、〈Love or Prison〉、〈Spring and by Summer Fall… 118 more words


Blonde Redhead-Dripping

Mood Monday-Well, honestly, it is officially just a Tuesday Tune for you.

Wiped out from a wild weekend, this mood Monday tune comes a little later than usual, but the song, “Dripping”, will certainly carry us through the week.”Dripping” by Blonde Redhead has a dream-like sound, full of synthy pops of beat, and hazy vocals which lull you into a perfectly, relaxed mood. 113 more words


DYC Fave Lights Shine On Jams

July has brought such a great mix of jams to the table so far.  I’m loving this Summer and wanting to just put a stop on time.   76 more words

The 5 Best Songs We Heard This Week: Death From Above 1979, Tim Hecker

Our music editor Jillian Mapes is taking a well-earned break from song-roundup duties today, which means you get me LARPing Chris Weingarten and nerding out over Tim Hecker instead. 407 more words


Blonde Redhead/Dripping

Dripping is the stellar brand new jam from Blonde Redhead‘s upcoming album Barragánwhich drops September 2nd!

MINIplaylist: Top Ten Bands to Listen to Before The UMS

“Motor Globally; Music Locally”

The Denver Post‘s 14th-annual Underground Music Showcase is coming up on July 24-27 and as the presenting sponsor, Schomp MINI is preparing for the 4-day show by putting together a collection of songs from some of the… 90 more words

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