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Hair and Now

2013 was a busy year. For my hair. It went from blonde to pink to brown then back to blonde again with dipped orange ends. Previously in its life, it’s been bright red, black, purple and accidentally ginger (more times than I’d care to mention. 180 more words

Olá Campo Grande - Brazil

The eggs we made and my host sister Valquíria and I looking sexy for the chocolate egg making!

It’s not hard to feel immediately welcome when you are unexpectedly greeted by roughly 23 Brazilian’s at the airport, who immediately take you out to try some Brazilian baked goods and invite you to a party the same night. 270 more words

Shot by Aneta Michniak

Perks of having a friend who is a photographer, she makes me look niiiiiiice!


Sometimes I grab my boobs....

I do I really do I confess! I love my big boobs…I love touching them rubbing them. I love to watch them bounce too. I love to try on the tiniest little top and watch them bust through on all sides. 165 more words

Russ Smith is now.................BLONDE

Channeling his inner Dennis Rodman:

Russ Smith now has BLONDE HAIR. This should be fun.

Louisville Athletics

Going Blonde in Korea

Recently, I auditioned for an English production of Alice in Wonderland in Seoul. After the director informed me I would be playing Alice, (yay!!!) she also told me that she doesn’t believe in wigs.  143 more words