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'Blood Brothers'

You know how some things you hang on to? And other people don’t understand why this seemingly unimportant object or thing is so dear to you? 450 more words

Blood Brothers Cheat and Hack 2014

Blood Brothers Cheat and Hack 2014

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Operating system: iOS mobile operating system / Android… 45 more words



We live in a world of instant gratification. Why send a handwritten letter if you can get a text in a few seconds? Why spend hours in the library pouring over books if you can find the answer you’re looking for by typing in a few words into a search engine? 828 more words


LIVE: The Blood Brothers, Showbox, Seattle, WA

By Gabriel Mathews

Having been hungover all day, the red glow emanating from the ceiling of The Showbox felt incredibly appropriate: I am now inside my head. 1,812 more words

Faces On The Radio

Blood Brothers

(If you prefer not to see the Italian lyrics, you can watch here instead.)

The best of the “mature” Springsteen and maybe his best song period. 744 more words

Writing And Art That I Like

blood bros (aka a sisterhood)

Potatoes gonna potate. Tomatoes gonna tomate.

Bagheera just said the above line, I don’t really know what it means but okay.

Today our boss told us we were blood brothers. 245 more words

Blood Brother Movie-Inspiration

I am currently in a sociology course at AIP (Art Institute of Pittsburgh) and the current topic is poverty.  I knew there were different types  of poverty not the exact definition. 461 more words

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