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Benefits of Acupuncture

Did you know that acupuncture helps to improve blood circulation?

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Radical Remedies: Medicinal Leeches

Last Saturday on the Natural Health Show, during my weekly Radical Remedies segment, I talked about medicinal leeches. It’s an old therapeutic practice that is now considered very radical, mostly because of the general appearance of these critters. 513 more words

Radical Remedies, By Dr. Karol

Diabetes and what you eat

Post 2a Diabetes and what you eat.

The medical line is that we eat something, it gets digested and goes into your blood circulation and high glucose levels are detected by beta cells and they release insulin to enable cells to take up the glucose and bring the glucose level back down to the normal range. 687 more words


  What is it that females crave for, other than obviously diamonds? Well, the answer is that females around the world basically desire lengthy beautiful hair. They wish for a magic… 474 more words

Hair Care

Back Pain Natural Treatment - Pain Relieving and Anti Inflammatory Remedies

It is quite common for everybody to suffer from some degree of back pain at some stage of life due to various reasons. After cold and headache, backache is the most prevailing physical disorder and in US it accounts for the second major cause to miss valuable working days. 374 more words

Back Pain

Acupressure Mat

What is an acupressure mat? What are the recent reviews on it and what are the benefits? Read to find out!

The Chinese have always been way ahead in the world of cures and medicines which are more like going about the nature’s way. 648 more words

Acupressure Points