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5 reasons why you should take cold showers

Turning off the heat may not sound appealing, but there are some actual health benefits to be had by taking a cold plunge on a regular basis. 7 more words


Condition specific clinical facials at aura skin care and laser

Condition specific clinical facials  at aura skin care and laser

Aura skin care and laser offers a diverse array of condition specific clinical skin treatments specifically tailored to your skin care needs.   678 more words

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper!!

The Fun facts of today are about Cayenne Pepper!! Cayenne pepper is a hot chili pepper primarily utilized in the preparation of spicy dishes. The chili originated in Central and South America. 264 more words

Anti Aging advance clinical facials by Aura

For Hygienic & Esthetic Clinical Skin Care ,aura skin care and laser is the best option, where your skin health is completely focused and our passionate staff will offer a variety of skin treatments for the face and body.aura skin care strives to rise above your expectations and we are committed to offering our  clients only the best with our  unique treatments,  with high end  products and exceptional client care. 351 more words

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Yoga and The Effects of Heat

External Heat and Body Heat

Hot yoga brings its own external heat source to heat up a room to around 100 degrees. But it’s important to mention that you produce your own internal heat when you exercise, and yes, you can consider yoga moderate exercise. 376 more words


How to avoid pigmentation problems?

First and most important is Sun protection

  • Protect yourself against the sun to prevent the appearance of pigmented blotches or to prevent them from getting worse.
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Boost your blood circulation with Fruits and veggies

Boost your blood circulation with Fruits and veggies
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A healthy body means healthy blood circulation preventing from toxin-formation in the body, it is one of the central axioms of good health. 330 more words