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Beauty Note: How Exercise Makes You Pretty

It’s a new year, making now the perfect opportunity to carpe diem and start getting into tip-top shape for the year to come. It’s no secret that exercise “does a body good.” But did you know that working out can do your “beauty” good as well? 284 more words


Yoga Improves Circulation

Our third reason (of fifty) to do yoga this year is to help improve your circulation. Hands and feet always cold? Feel weak and lethargic? 339 more words


Dr stephen ferguson asthma and high pressure treated outstanding

I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson because I suffered from high blood pressure, asthma and low immune system. I was weak most of the time, very tired and restless. 450 more words

Mist Spa, Jumeirah: Relaxed Muscles

With the winters and the New Years, come all that health consciousness calling on you to get back in shape. And very soon in that process, you realise that you’ve gone a little too far in stretching and running and playing squash and cycling. 286 more words

Balinese Massage

Dr stephen ferguson I can't believe I can walk again live blood analysis

I was informed about Dr Stephen Ferguson by a colleague who advised me to try the live blood test at The Natural Health clinic. I was ill with arthritis which left me a disabled woman for fifteen years. 545 more words


by David Christopher MH

About 15% of the population suffers from migraine headaches, and only a small fraction does anything to prevent them. In order to prevent migraines we need to know what causes them. 647 more words