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How to avoid pigmentation problems?

First and most important is Sun protection

  • Protect yourself against the sun to prevent the appearance of pigmented blotches or to prevent them from getting worse.
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Boost your blood circulation with Fruits and veggies

Boost your blood circulation with Fruits and veggies
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A healthy body means healthy blood circulation preventing from toxin-formation in the body, it is one of the central axioms of good health. 330 more words


Apcalis Tabs Arrest Boringness Caused By Unfortunate ED In Men

Apcalis Tab is an oral tablet to destroy ED enemy from male’s personal life and encourages making ultimate utilization of love life by getting engaged with intercourse. 206 more words


Poor Blood Circulation?

Blood is really important. It’s our own personal internal postal service. Without our body’s network of blood vessels, we simply wouldn’t exist! Each red blood cell picks up a backpack of oxygen from the lungs and is propelled down our arteries by our beating hearts, dropping off the oxygen en route to our fingers, toes and brain. 254 more words


High Frequency Facial Treatment for Youthful skin

A warm hello to all the readers! My name is Mamta and I am a Medical Esthetician. I would like begin my blog post with a topic of most hype– Aging! 757 more words

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DIY Spa: Herbal Face Steam

Flowers are good for us! Did you know that many of the flowers we see on a day-to-day basis have medicinal or cosmetic properties? For hundreds of years, people have cultivated different products and techniques for cleansing, beautifying, and grooming.For example, the ancient royal Egyptians used milk baths as a natural emollient for their skin, and the use of Kohl was widespread in the Middle East to accentuate the eyes. 373 more words


Benefits of Acupuncture

Did you know that acupuncture helps to improve blood circulation?

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