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Exercises For Chi Circulation In Hands

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Being a practicing energy healer and energy worker, I have learned several ways to boost the heat or energy in the hands.

In this post I will share several techniques. 839 more words

Energy Circulation

Pranayams and Yoga of Baba Ramdevji






Mechanical Analysis of Yogic activities or Pranayams as popularized by Ramdevji Maharaj—–

The respiration includes 2 processes in our body at blood cell level and at tissue cell level.We perform both these processes while breathing Pranayam we breathe systematically and in a balanced way. 106 more words

Stretch, Bend, and Twist for Health

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I’ve learned several things from Traditional Chinese Medicine that has helped me more than anything else I’ve studied.

Basically, what TCM has taught me, was not to be afraid of touching my body. 1,898 more words


Garlic you healthy bulb. Or not. Or what????

Is Garlic Good for You or Bad for You?

I found an interesting and rather long article about garlic. Garlic has been believed a healthy food since the ancient times and it has been widely used as a medication, aphrodisiac or anti -bacterial treatment. 261 more words


Q&A: Should You Worry About Low Blood Circulation?

Q: What can happen if I have low blood circulation in my muscles? – A.C.

A: Depending on the arteries that are affected and where the blockage is, different muscle groups can be affected: 167 more words

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5 reasons why you should take cold showers

Turning off the heat may not sound appealing, but there are some actual health benefits to be had by taking a cold plunge on a regular basis. 7 more words