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Chapter 25

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The floating lanterns above the heads of the crowd shift to different colors, bathing the crowd in a magical dance of color. 2,023 more words


Chapter 24

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Night has fallen over the canyon and lanterns line the walkways, glowing with different colors, adding more magic to the city, and leading festivalgoers to the large squares located throughout the city. 528 more words


Chapter 23

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Deven leads the group down the hidden path his men took into the canyon. It’s steep and several times someone slips on loose rocks. 1,114 more words


Chapter 22

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The dense forest continues for many hours. Deven’s men break apart from the group occasionally to scout the areas around them. They confirm the group isn’t being followed by anyone from the bone village. 1,459 more words


Chapter 21

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Those trapped in the nets watch in horror as the black axe rises above the large man’s head. Meah readies for the impending strike. 1,419 more words


Chapter 20

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The voices rise from the darkness as Meah regains consciousness. Her eyes are still too heavy to open and her head swims as the effects of the sleep dart fade slowly. 1,630 more words


Chapter 19

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The treetop bridges are extensive. Perfectly blending into the surrounding trees and foliage, the pathways lead in all directions. Occasionally, separate platforms higher in the trees provide safe places for the scouts traversing the maze to rest. 1,625 more words