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Chapter 17

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The next day, Ime meets Jaxon at the training ground. Word spreads through the group about the sparring match and most go to watch. 2,751 more words


Chapter 16

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Lyrrel waits patiently as Ime and Meah finish their morning meal. He stands by the doors watching them with his violet eyes. 2,335 more words


Chapter 15

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Tanith returns to Daniil’s side during supper, rubbing her snout against his leg and chirping happily. When Kylii pretends to be offended, Tanith gives him the same treatment, but jumping onto his lap so she can rub her snout on his chest. 643 more words


Chapter 14

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The next day Kylii and Daniil return to Oswen’s classroom and agree to show off their magic with Oswen’s permission. The Seer agrees and decides to move the class outside to give the brothers enough room to perform for the children. 1,565 more words


Chapter 13

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The dining hall is loud with excited chatter and plates being piled on top of other plates. Many have renewed life from the terrors of the caves. 582 more words


Chapter 12

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The bright morning sun streams through the window. Daniil rolls away from the light and squeezes his eyes tighter, trying in vain to block out the sun. 1,918 more words


Chapter 11

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Meah leans on the white stone of the balcony in the room she shares with Ime and stares down at the city. 738 more words