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Chapter 32

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The Festival of Magic is ending. Celebrations are quieting and celebrators are heading home. Though most groups’ aim was home, one group walks through the city with oddly energized strides. 811 more words


Chapter 31

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The two men don’t speak as they pass through the city. Ime is unsure of where Kiphy is leading him, but the old man knows his way through the streets and alleys of the city better than most. 1,582 more words


Chapter 30

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Jaxon steps closer Ime and crosses his arms. “I’m glad to hear those words from you. In regards to how you are going to stop Blood King Klaeon,” Jaxon starts. 1,493 more words


Chapter 29

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Moving slowly through the city, Meah and Ime pass those still celebrating. Many have already started heading home, as the night grows longer. 1,053 more words


Chapter 28

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Infuriated by Teron’s words, Ime stomps a foot onto the ground. The earth shakes and the wind picks up.

Teron quickly points to his men, who lean Meah further out over the deep chasm. 1,150 more words


Chapter 27

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Following Teron’s man, Ime stays a good distance away. He grips the sword Jaxon gave him tightly. He can’t see any weapons on the man besides the knife he used to kill the woman. 934 more words


Chapter 26

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Ime lifts his head suddenly. He searches the crowd, his head turning sharply from right to left.

“What’s wrong?” Jaxon waves at a man carrying food. 547 more words