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Leftovers are less fattening

The starch in freshly cooked potatoes or pasta will make your blood glucose levels soar — and your liver immediately turns it into fat.  Surprisingly, cooling them down (and even better, reheating them) will turn some of the starch into a form of fibre, reducing the rise in your blood glucose levels.  822 more words


The First Few Weeks with GD

As mentioned in a previous post during this pregnancy (27 weeks) I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. All three of my readings from the blood glucose test were over the recommended levels. 816 more words


Gestational Diabetes Test Positive

So I have just got back from the Doctors and have now been put on fast acting insulin before dinner….

Yes I am one of those lucky mums (voice dripping with sarcasm here) that has been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. 298 more words


Details of Diabetes Type 1 Diet

People having diabetes type 1 are advised to eat healthy and do physical exercises. But people who are suffering from diabetes type 1 should eat some something more than just something “healthy”. 468 more words

Weight Management

Diabetes - Where Is My Insulin?

Millions of people around the world are inflicted by diabetes mellitus, or more commonly called diabetes. You may be suffering from this chronic disease without even knowing you have it. 549 more words


Diabetic Beth: A bit of my life with diabetes, type 1.


My name is Mary Beth. I have lived with diabetes for 24 years now, diagnosed in March of 1990. The day I was diagnosed was also both of my grandmother’s birthdays. 569 more words