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I continue to ponder the teaching from #TGCW14, even though my days are busy with other things.  The truths planted there are not fleeting. They haunt me, challenging me to live differently.  623 more words


What to discuss with a doctor while getting diabetes treatment?

Diabetes, as we discussed in the last post is a condition where the blood glucose is not maintained at a normal level. This happens due to insufficient insulin secretion in the body. 371 more words


Who Is At Risk Of Diabetes?

We have mentioned in the last post that there are two types of diabetes: type I diabetes and type II diabetes. Don’t get confused between the two, as both are characterised by having higher blood glucose level than normal. 279 more words


Free Glucose Meter - Why You Should Be Checking Your Blood Pressure As Well As Your Blood Sugar Rate

These days getting a new glucose meter, especially one for free, can be very easy. Why can it be easy? Well the answer is, that a lot of insurance companies are giving them away for free. 273 more words


18 hours out

Now that there is a little distance between #TGCW14 and me, all of 18 hours, I can get a bit of perspective on the big picture of what took place in me.  908 more words


Second time here

I will warn my readers that this post, as well as possibly the next few, will have little to do with diabetes, and much more to do with spiritual ramblings. 551 more words


...and the lows

When your body has too much insulin, your blood glucose level will drop as there will be a shortage of sugar going around your body. This often happens with type 1 diabetics when, through personal experience, I’ve given too much insulin for a meal, miss a meal entirely and/or do strenuous exercise. 346 more words

Blood Glucose Level