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Prize Arrival. :D

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I have received my prize from the writing contest and I am so amazed and grateful. 310 more words

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Just A Few Ramblings

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I survived my physical. I’m still short. 

Right as we were leaving for my physical, my cat got it’s head stuck in the lid of the container that holds the outside cats’ food (she was trying to get more food apparently) and I was so fucking scared she was going to hurt herself because it was a small hole she got her head stuck in and she took off running when she saw me coming. 376 more words

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Hair and Outfit of the Day

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I got my hair re-dyed and I think it looks so cool. :3 (I also got my eyebrows done too, but I’ll talk about that later.) 531 more words

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Proper Post (At Least For Me)

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Hey guys. I figured I needed to do a proper post today. 1,055 more words



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Warning:: Video is incredibly gory and offensive. xD Watch at own risk.

I used to think the “Unforgiven” costumes were the best. 372 more words

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Five Michael Jackson Songs That Charted Higher Internationally Than In The US

Sources: Idolator – Mike Wass| All Things Michael

August 29 would have been Michael Jackson‘s 56th birthday. It boggles the mind to think what treasures the King of Pop could have created if he were still alive but his legacy is so incredibly vast that there’s always something new to discover. 346 more words

Michael Jackson

Don't Know What To Name This

There is a lot of vulgar and swear words, even more than usual. So… don’t read on if you don’t appreciate swears. 

Currently Listening To: “Nirvana” -Blood on the Dance Floor… 740 more words