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Literally belongs to my mother and boyfriend. They stayed in the hospital the entire day until I was discharged. I know that I am blessed and loved with these people in my life. 63 more words

Amber Rae


Remember this? http://thewytch.wordpress.com/2012/09/08/homemade-tattoo/

Well, I refilled it. Might post pics when healed. Oh, the holidays… such a great time.


Losing Blood

Sitting amongst sand flies
Blood sucking fiends
Sapping all the life
From other wee things

Though I’ve got ‘nuf platelets
To share with these fools… 10 more words


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Gestational diabetes is diabetes that is discovered for the first time when a woman is pregnant. Three to eight women out of every 100 pregnant women in the US get gestational diabetes. 282 more words


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1. India Watch Market Introduction 2. India Watch Market Size by Revenue, FY’2008- FY’2013 3. India Watch Market Segmentation by wrist Watches and Wall Clocks, FY’2008- FY’2013 4. 238 more words


Love can Wait

Joy is an ambitious individual whose only goal in life is to make money. Easiest way is to get into an accelerator program. Build Product, Sell it to a company and so on.. 306 more words

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Hypertension can be caused due to several factors. Some factors include hereditary or genetic tendencies, environmental factors, unhealthy eating habits, stress, smoking, and lack of exercise. 313 more words