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Alf had worked at the camp for eighteen months. He’d been approached fresh out of college two years ago.  He had been in a downtown drinking hole at the time, one which he missed very badly in the perpetual winter in which he currently found himself.   996 more words


Whispering Death

I am the mistress of the dark
Embracing it for living purpose
Following the shadows of the sun 69 more words

A Rage-aholic, addicted to the taste of blood and battle

Blood, Death, Destruction! A Fury Warrior craves these things. His mind given over to uncontrollable rage, driven by a singular purpose…..to cut the life out of his enemy in the most violent and visceral way possible, or to die bloody and broken in the only place he can truly call home: the battlefield. 1,622 more words

Fury Warrior

Line 6 James Tyler Variax JTV-89 Modeling Electric Guitar; Blood Red

Save $ 10 order now Line 6 James Tyler Variax JTV-89 Modeling Electric Guitar; Blood Red at Cheap Guitars For Sale store. Daily reviews best acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and find cheap guitars for sale, used guitars on Ebay, Amazon… 13 more words

Video of the installation Blood on Silk: Trade conflated with Blood on Silk: Campbelltown as installed at Campbelltown Arts Centre 2014

Still Photo Credits Alex Gooding, Martin Lukersmith, Zan Wimberley, Alex Wisser

Video Credits Fiona Davies, Alex Gooding

Art Science

Tethered and Twisted in Sickness

He’d been tethered like some broken and beaten falcon… twisted, trembling and shaking. He did not yearn to be free like the others. Her fingers, he wore like chains around his neck tightly winding each link of her sin deep into his flesh…  He had fallen fearlessly into her grasp thinking he might find something that his brother could not, and her hands were crafty and cunning and of no comfort to him.  64 more words

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