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You can run on for a long time...

I remembered, with a sudden jolt, that Robert McCulloch was supposed to be the prosecutor. Darren Wilson’s nominal prosecutor said he should never have been put is never been put in that position.  695 more words

Because the night

“When I try to run away from the night, this music cathes me to it again.”

“Love is life. Life is blood. Guess who is the Dracula now?”



On The Eve Of New Year

I became the ocean with the ticking clock and
standing amongst a many, eyes searching the sky-
I breathed out in fog and shivered
all and becoming salty standing on land… 321 more words

Ayesha Raees


These knives drip cerise history
The life blood of past martyrs
Have been absorbed by sandy gravel
Knives crafted to feed our names
To our virgin soil; our earth… 15 more words


Thanksgiving and Food Therapy Part 2

In last week’s post I mentioned how Food Therapy is it’s own form of treatment and how it’s based on energetic properties. I also provided a list of common foods eaten during Thanksgiving and what organs they affect. 250 more words


White Collar Boxing is a strange phenomenon – part ‘Fight Club’ part bored bankers and city boys ‘n’ girls wishing to let off some steam and perhaps fix a rivalry or two. 222 more words


Blood may be thicker than water but it won't do much in times of thirst

My title may be misleading and a bit odd but it means a whole lot that needs a blog attached to it.

Lets think about family. 1,170 more words