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Hell on Earth: The Revolution II

Everyone else was sweating, quiet, but sweating. She could see their chest beating up and down, she knew their heart rates were probably through the roof. 312 more words


How Horseshoe Crabs Are Saving Human Lives

I spent spring break down at Slaughter Beach, Delaware. Away from the board-walk, outlet mall, bar-heavy Rehoboth, Slaughter is a little bit in-the-middle-of-nowhere for some people’s taste. 976 more words


Resurrection Sunday!

The blood will NEVER lose its power! Hallelujah!

Much Love,

Alice in chains

Chained beneath a black alder

She struggles intermittently

And lies still

Fur matted with her own blood

Exhausted, alone, defiant

She howls

Cold touch of steel on raw skin… 25 more words


[TWOSHOTS] [M] Blood & Killers

Authur: Ngô Lộc Thế Hàm (Sehan)

Rating: M

Fandom: EXO

Pairings: Chanbaek | SeHo

Disclaimer: Nhân vật trong FIC không phải là của tôi hay ngược lại, tôi không phải là của họ. 3,133 more words


The Precious Blood of Jesus: Why It Matters

Today’s Christian culture desires a sanitized version of salvation. We talk about the grace and forgiveness of God and sing about His love for us, but rarely do we mention the blood of Jesus. 181 more words


Budapest: A Clintasha Fanfiction Chapter Two Part Two

“But if he were to attack, are we ready?” Banner asked. “If we were prepared, you would not be here.” Fury replied looking out the window thousands of feet above ground. 456 more words