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AKC/Eukanuba Flashback: Knotty’s Triumph and Tragedy

AKC Gazette, “Times Past”“He floats around a show ring with his feet lightly skimming the ground. His tail arches slightly over his back and sways like a homecoming queen’s well practiced wave. 492 more words



Some people don’t believe that animals have the capacity to form an emotional bond with other creatures. Any pet owner would strongly disagree. I have a dog that I know for a fact that has emotional ties to myself, as well as his beagle companion, Emma Lou. 463 more words

Jaguar teams with Bloodhound SSC to announce 2015 4x4 F-Type

JAGUAR HAS JOINED forces with the 1000mph Bloodhound SSC land speed record team to announce the 2016 all-wheel-drive F-Type. 174 more words


Guest Post from Erin Lindsey: Gender in "The Bloodbound"

Welcome Erin Lindsey, author of the new novel Bloodbound!  In this guest post, Erin talks about how readers and reviewers see gender in Bloodbound, and how Erin herself sees gender roles in the Bloodbound universe. 670 more words

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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes 1

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Sometimes she felt like a caged animal, and she reflected that the name she’d chosen was, perhaps, a bit too appropriate. Today, it felt barbed. 5,336 more words


Make It Monday ~ Dog Toys

No farm is complete without a dog. Well, we now have three. Two are older dogs but the third is a 14 week old pup that we just added into the mix on Friday. 626 more words


My Big Red Dog

In 2006, I got a phone call about a bloodhound from a guy that worked as a warden and dog rehabilitation. I was asked to come take a look at her. 833 more words