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A New and Naive Anti-Gun Effort

I don’t know if this happened to you as well, but going into the Easter weekend, I started getting Tweets from @Everytown . I do not follow them. 1,155 more words

Ex-Mayor Bloomberg does God's work for him

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Yet even better than being a rock star, the ever-confident Bloomberg believes his work on gun safety and public health in general has earned him the approval of the most important judge there is.  74 more words

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Navigating the Earnings Season...

Contributed by: Ishwar Chidambaram, CFA

On 16th April 2014, IAIP’s Mumbai Chapter organized this Training Event, under the auspices of Bloomberg India. The trainer for the event was Puneet Saxena, Equities Specialist, from Bloomberg India. 629 more words


Why I Don't Want To Have It All

I’m 37, happily married, and childless by choice. I’ve read all the related articles…the cover story of Time, “Having it All Without Having Children… 361 more words


The Controversy That is Minimum Wage

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On May 18, 2014, Swiss voters will vote on a proposal… 170 more words

Did You See That Press Release? Bloomberg Forms Anti-Gun Group, Maxwell House Coffee Re-launched, and Did This Winter Make You Fatter?

With thousands of news releases published each week on PR Newswire for Journalists, no one can possibly keep up with every one of them. Here are some of our favorite releases from the past week that you might have missed. 873 more words

Week In Review

GOP Gun Grabbers

Comprehensive legislation for everyone!

They imagine an America where the Law-abiding populace is disarmed and helpless against them. Not really the core issue of the debate….The REAL fact of the matter is that they have NO RIGHT to seize our guns…but….GUN CONTROL KILLS! 12 more words