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My Favourite Pedagogical Framework

This is such a tricky decision. I recently read a colleague’s blog on the same topic, and noticed the differences between our opinions.

Whilst this preservice teacher prefers the… 153 more words

Constructive Alignment Activity

Students in microbiology are exposed to a range of factual, conceptual and procedural content throughout the course. Theory is introduced in lectures and revised in tutorials, while laboratories give students the opportunity to apply what they’ve learnt. 398 more words

Bloom's Taxonomy

Lesson Planning

Lesson planning provides instructors with a road map to recognize and meet the needs of their learners. There are many components to consider in lesson planning and in this post I explore five areas, with a reference to the resource that will help me plan my lessons more effectively. 769 more words


Module 2

We started second day with group work on “Skills of the 21st century”. Together with my groupmates Shahla and Vafa we listed down the skills. Comparing our answers with the material… 83 more words


No internet!!!!

Yay to being on holidays, booh to using all my internet in the first 3 days of major catchup!! :(
I am resorting to posting off of my wordpress app on my phone now… So I was trying my hardest to download a picture of Blooms Taxonomy that is based on iPad apps when the internet completed objected. 187 more words

Bloom's Taxonomy Brings Your Healthcare Training to Life

Course design is all about pedagogy, understanding how we learn best. But it’s not enough just to learn something to know it, students also need to be able to apply it. 400 more words

Healthcare Instruction

The Potential of Bloom's Taxonomy (Handbook 1: Cognitive Domain) "Surprise" Educational Reforms are Possible

The excerpts that follow may be found in the original source material.

Bloom, B. S. (Ed.). (1956). Taxonomy of educational objectives: The classification of educational goals–Handbook¬†1 cognitive domain… 843 more words