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A lot of my education courses have thrown around the world “taxonomies,” usually when referring to Bloom’s Taxonomy.  See this confuses me because the first thing I think is taxidermy, which I hope is not what we are doing to kids, or taxonomy in the way we classify different families of organisms in biology.   702 more words


Test-taking, Then and Now

When I was still a student, much of the assessments used in school only tested our knowledge and comprehension. I grew up memorizing page after page of my History and Science books. 328 more words

Reflections, Insights, And Realizations

Education Update #25

Making Students Partners in Data-Driven Approaches to Learning

Teachers and school leaders everywhere collect and analyze data to make informed decisions about instruction that will support all students in meeting state and Common Core standards. 349 more words

Education & Youth Welfare

Understanding Learning Objectives and Assessments in Social Studies

Greetings all,

After my first week being in the classroom I’m beginning to understand the “behind the scenes” side of teaching. My supervising teacher has me scheduled to teach class in a few weeks. 526 more words

And we have a Sick Day.

We’re three weeks in and I’m already sick. Both literally and figuratively. 

Literally, my nose has been alternating between dripping like a faucet and blocking up as if someone had put rubber stoppers in my nostrils. 1,433 more words


Writing a paragraph

Each year I think of more and more things I want to help my students with. Each year I feel like I have less and less time, and that there’s more and more they need. 529 more words

Thoughts on easy and hard test questions for undergraduate students.

No this is not going to be a post on Bloom’s taxonomy of questions memorized or conceptual, useful as that is. Here I’m talking about the kinds of material students struggle with. 630 more words