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Addressing Culture, Making Connections, and Building Communities

If you’re a modern language teacher, you’ve probably heard of the 5 C’s of Language Instruction.  Personally, I think I spend most of my time focusing on communications, and I devote some time to attempting to address culture.   436 more words

Bloom's Taxonomy

Learning theories and frameworks

Throughout the learning journey of EDC3100, we have been introduced to so many acronyms, its been difficult to remember them all….TPACK, TIP, CLEM, SAMR, WALT, WILF, PKM, its endless!! 100 more words

My Learning Edc3100

Whole-Child Learning in the Whole-Group Experience

In an era of increasing personalization, it’s critical to remember the value of the shared experience.  While it’s critical to remain student-centered, it’s also critical to remember that we are here to enrich the whole-child.   677 more words

Bloom's: the slipperiness of soft skills doesn't make them higher order

One of the best things about taking cover lessons outside of your subject area is that you often come away having learned something new. In my particular experience,  Geography is the lesson I usually come away from loaded with bags of new knowledge, having bugged the kids with questions for the best part of the hour. 777 more words


Do You Know The Six Levels Of Learning?

As a learner, there are few things I have found to be as valuable to me as the model I’m sharing in this article. I didn’t learn of this model until I had completed my undergraduate education. 802 more words

Middle/High School

Moving Beyond Memorization: Students Understanding Content and Concepts

— Mark L. Mitchell

For years, one student question bothered me: “How can I do better on the tests?”

Many times, it bothered me because the student and I both knew very well what the answer was: “Study more and study without looking at Facebook and your cell phone.” 1,522 more words