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At 12:30, We Pray

Four 500-ml bottles of water. Two liters in total. 12:30pm. My body absorbs it all and sweats it out. We take a break for prayers and lunch; above the hum of the fans furiously rotating above, I can hear the call to prayer sounding outside of the classroom. 1,046 more words


4 Recommended Trainings BEFORE Going 1:1 #edtech #1to1techat

Building the plane while in flight – that’s the analogy I hear quite a bit from schools that self-admittedly say they may have jumped the gun on implementing a 1:1. 1,100 more words


what is it a taxonomy of?: bloom's taxonomy redux, part 3

the taxonomy was based on the “observable behaviours of learners”. that’s right, the taxonomy classifies and organises the behaviours that learners outwardly demonstrate.

bloom mentions something (which again, as an ID, made me look self-conscious and guilty!) that there is no better or worse. 615 more words


considering the whole picture: bloom's taxonomy redux, part 2

in this post i’d like to lay out some things for your consideration. they’re the things i’m turning over in my head too, in an attempt to understand the taxonomy better by putting it into perspective. 796 more words


Finals Rant: Memorizing isn't Mastery

It’s 7:22 pm. I am finishing up one of the last semesters of my undergraduate career and partaking in the glorious once a semester event that thousands of other students across the nation are doing as well: 227 more words


Gerunds, Verbs, Nouns

The author of this article on the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy identifies Bloom’s original Taxonomy as organized by gerunds. Unfortunately, there are no gerunds in sight in Bloom’s original Taxonomy. 166 more words

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