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Cool Off With Da Mao

It’s hot everywhere, and it’s not coolin’ off anytime soon. So let’s take ya back to mid-February in snowy Toronto, where Da Mao The Panda displays his fine blorp form.

From Christel N.

May The Blorp Be With You

“Here are some pics I took recently on Floreana Island in the Galapagos of some young sea lions posing on the beach. Notice the total lack of fear or concern having humans so near to them. 20 more words

Friday Haiku: Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha

Short, squatty and green
Looks lots like Doctor Evil
Pulls it off nicely



Watch and be amazed at the sweet nature of these gentle blorps. And have the Kleenex ready: this guy got stuck and needed some hoomin help. 20 more words

Mom Taxi Assortment (#XXVII)

Came across these terrific images on SFGlobe.com. As you can plainly see, you can hail a Taxi in just about ANY configuration you like!

Greatest Disapproval In The History Of History

Whatever it is, this guy does NOT approve. Photographed by Heather A.

Whole Lotta Blorpin' Goin' On

According to ZooBorns, “On April 24, France’s ZooParc de Beauval welcomed a male Manatee who weighed 55 pounds at birth!” And look at THAT SMILE! 32 more words