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Spring in Colorado

This year, we have icicles on apple blossoms. I feel like that myself sometimes – a bloom encased in frost. I have been poked and prodded and scoped and smushed this week, all for the routine testing to ensure that I am not following in my Mother’s cancer-prone footsteps. 200 more words


Frozen blossoms

Our April 15th snow storm resulted in many snow covered flowers and blooms in the city of blossoms.

The World Around Us

Cherry blossoms. II

Here are the (overdue) photos that I mentioned in my previous post about the same tree. ^^’ I’ve been busy lately, photography-wise as well — I signed up for a fine art photography workshop back in March, and it’s awesome! 56 more words


after the rains

I took these photos a few days ago, indeed, after a spring rain.  Today, these buds are bold blossoms, their petals glistening quite beautifully in melting spring snow.   11 more words


Orange Tabby and Black Cats in Cherry Blossoms Handmade Jewelry Fine Art Pendant

“Cats on a Spring Night” An orange tabby cat and a long-haired black cat sit on a tree branch, contemplating a luminous full moon. Cherry blossoms dance in the green Spring night sky. 82 more words

East and West

In reality, this post is just an excuse to share two beautiful trees I’ve walked past in London. The magnolia I found in West London, while the cherry tree I pass on my way to the supermarket in East. 194 more words