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Blow Drying Hair Tips - Hair Salon Brampton

When blow drying is done correctly it can be more benefiting then air-drying. When blow drying your hair be sure to use a cool setting, avoiding heat as much as possible and keep it distance away from your hair. 105 more words

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Excellent Tips That Will Improve Your Hair And Make It Shine!

Do split ends exasperate you? Would you like to combat the frizz problem? You can find answers here. You will learn how to keep your hair healthy and beautiful by reading this article. 27 more words

Looking For Tips On Hair Care? Try These Ideas!

Two easy ways to ensure healthy, shiny hair are washing and getting regular trims. The tips that follow will give you an idea of what cut or style might fit your face and personality. 28 more words

Care For Your Hair By Looking At This Piece

Do you ever look at a magazine and wish your hair looked similar to those featured in the magazine? You can with a bit of work. 41 more words

My first client Blow-dry

So this Saturday saw me attempt my first professional blow-dry and client consultation in a real salon setting. My friend Grace very kindly agreed to come along and be my client for the day which was a blessing as my local adverts in Tesco Express have not garnered one single phone enquiry. 361 more words

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Blowdrying the blockhead

As I am still waiting for my new hairdryer (thanks Amazon guaranteed next day delivery) I have been practicing my blow drying technique (or lack of) on Bob the Blockhead with a small Boots travel dryer which has actually taught me that: 125 more words

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Learning to Blow Dry Hair properly

Well this Saturday’s class was all about getting thrown into the practical world of hairdressing and pairing up with another student to act as each other’s client. 486 more words

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